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Vote for Opie & Anthony's WOW Contest! The top breasts!

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I set up a poll on my website where you can still vote for Opie & Anthony's Best WOW contest. For any people not familiar with WOW, Opie & Anthony are two radio hosts who started a promotion where if you had a "WOW" Sticker (stands for Whip em Out Wednesdays) on your car, women would flash you on the road! It took off like wildfire in many cities like Boston, New York, Cleveland, Buffalo and Philly to name a few.

Well the hosts have since been cancelled over the Sex for Sam incident in NYC. As some of you might know I have a online radio station that runs shows of their 24/7. But before they left, they had a contest going on to see which girl had the best set to WOW someone with out of the cities they were on. The contest was never finished because of the cancellation, but now you can still vote! Same rules apply as before, you can vote once a day (24hr period) but you can vote for the same girl day after day if you want! I have the 20 finalists up on my site, and you can click on their pictures to view more of them. So here is the link and enjoy! Let's keep the contest alive!

Click here to vote for the Best WOW Contest on SBlueman's O&A Page!

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