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SBlueman's Tecmo Super Bowl 2017 1.09

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Updated 9/23/17!


Download and enjoy my first official release since 2006! Special thanks to everyone who has contributed in keeping this community of Tecmo fans together. The progress that has been made since I last released an edit is amazing. This release would not have been possible if it wasn't for the countless hours and sweat equity that has been put into finding new and amazing ways to alter the best sports video game ever. This site is a treasure trove of notes, codes, and information. Hopefully it might get people who haven't tried editing to give it a shot because they would want to tweak something. We can always use different opinions, tastes and ideas on improving the game around here. Feel free to edit this game if you want, I intentionally went out of my way to make sure all the hacks that were installed would not interfere with people being able to edit it with TSBTool.


Some of the changes to the game that are not covered by the hack list below are to the uniforms, playbooks and graphics. Teams playing in the regular season schedule always play home P1 with home uniforms while P2 is the road team with either a white jersey or dark if home team uses a white uniform at home (ex:Dallas). (The NFC West teams of course are the exception and I tried to minimize the clashes). I also edited the playbooks by shuffling some plays around while also adding some new plays. The are more available options for 2TE plays. I also removed motion from some plays to disguise them.


As for the player ratings, I like using the original game's template. What I normally do is give all the All-Pro First team the top rankings and work my way down to the All-Pro second team, then use the same system going thru players who have not been ranked yet but were on the Pro Bowl first and second team with alternates being ranked last. After that I used the rankings listed on Bleacher Report's Top 1000 NFL Players list. After that I went in and tweaked ratings accordingly on anyone not on the list.


I also suggest to anyone who wants to edit the game to use this amazing spreadsheet for sim code editing posted by @jstout. While you are at it read that entire thread, it's Tecmo gold. The results from the spreadsheet gave me a good base to start at and then adjust accordingly.


I will be working on this game throughout the NFL season and will release a postseason version before the Super Bowl. Until then enjoy and any and all feedback is welcome!


Game Specs:

Base Rom: Updated 32-team ROM

Editors Used: TSBTool, TSB Playbook Editor Beta03, Lunar IPSTranslhextion, TSB Play Editor, yy-chr, Tecmo Endzone Editor


IPS Patches added to release:


Modifications added to release:

What's New in Version 1.09   See changelog


  • Updated "L.A. Chargers" and "L.A. Rams" to "Los Angeles Chargers" and "Los Angeles Rams" in the two game files.
  • Other misc. edits.







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