Tecmo Superbowl NFL 2018 (10.8.1a) 10.8.1a

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About This File

- All 32 NFL Teams!

- (NEW) 2017-2018 NFL Schedule!

- Chargers and Rams Now Play in LA!

- Rams New Uniforms!

- Rosters current as of 8/21/17

- Some playbooks / depth chart re-adjusted for 3 WR sets.

- Team AI & stats based upon success in the 2016-2017 season.

- 2017 AFC & NFC Pro Bowl Rosters.

- (NEW) Halftime Stats!

- (NEW) 4-3 Teams now have both DT's moved to the line and a defensive end at LOLB.

- (NEW) Scrambling QB's (Russel Wilson, Marcus Mariota, Jameis Winson, and more!)




SET Commands Applied :



*No Sprite Flicker

*Add stats after quarters (Halftime Only)

*More NFL like QB rating value

*PA/PC hack - PC is INT and PA is target

*Player-controlled QB rollouts for playaction passes

*Increase CPU kickoff length

*Better COM punt timing



*Faster handoffs, pitches, snaps & player control

*CPU find open receiver

*Passing game probability table hack

*Ball carrier can break up drone grapples

*PR speed change from SS to actual PR player

*Buck's TSB COM Juice Setter - juice to start at week 8 juice and climb to max



*Better INT returns

*COM dive tackling like SNES TSB I

*COM defensive coverage late in season (28 and 32 team codes)



**Make sure you have 'NO SPRITE LIMIT' enabled in your emulator!**



Many thanks to other user submitted roms for player stats and editing.

Rosters may not be 100% perfect and any comments are appreciated.



- Special thanks to Maverick209 for his insight on player ratings.

**Please note this is a WIP rom, so check back often for revisions!**






Check out this thread for custom covers for all 32 teams!*


What's New in Version 10.4   See changelog



 - Massive player rating adjustments ~ Maverick209

 - Browns, Ravens, and Texans uniform usage and color changes.

 - Players added :

    Steelers - SS, sean DAVIS
    Ravens - RB2, (TE) larry DONNELL
    Bengals - LT, cedric OGBUEHI
    Giants - K, mike NUGENT

 - Added a "No Hacks" version to the downloads. This is a vanilla version of the T-Borg Base Rom, with our updated rosters.




- Vikings and Bears uniform usage and color changes ~ Bilt (Thank you!)
- More player rating adjustments ~Maverick209
- Player added :
   Patriots LILB, j. FREENY (Rob Ninkovich retires)



- Changed default quarter length to 5 minutes. Will now be correct when changing in options also.

- Player added : 

   Cowboys - QB2, luke MCCOWN

- More uniform usage and color changes 

- More player rating adjustments ~Maverick209 

Added another version of 10.2 with the SET Command:

(This is for those who want a real challenge! Thanks again to SBlueman for his excellent SET command guide!)



 - Players Added :

   Browns - RB4, brandon WILDS
   Raiders - RT, m. NEWHOUSE

- More player rating adjustments ~Maverick209 



 - Set Command REMOVED : 
  *Faster fumble recovery (Onside kicks were broken)


 - More uniform usage and color changes

 - More player rating adjustments ~Maverick209 

 - Players added : 

   Chargers - C, spencer PULLEY
   Chargers - RG, forrest LAMP
   Raiders - RB4, jamize OLAWALE



*Check out this thread for custom covers for all 32 teams!*





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