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Tecmo Grey Cup 2016 1.0.0

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Thanks to Buck and Bruddog TECMO GREY CUP 2016 IS HERE!!! This year's version has tremendous upgrades and improvements.


Using GRG's base CFL ROM (with Pambazos88 added Ottawa Redblacks graphics), Buck, Bruddog and I have completed this year's version of Tecmo Grey Cup.


Buck did a ton of the difficult work. Buck fixed all of the graphics, removed the halftime stats, and redid the playbooks to give offense formations continuity and competitive COM. He also gave the Pro Bowl a makeover as he coded the 2016 CFL all-star team, and the 2016 NFL all-star team, and gave them proper playbooks as well as replacing references to AFC-NFL with CFL-NFL. There is even an easter egg to change the players of the NFL all-star team to the 1991 TSB all-stars. He lessened the kickoff minimum and maximum distance by 5 yards. Buck also added a hack for directional punting which I think is fantastic. 


Bruddog stepped in and provided a major major upgrade when he fixed the safety glitch. The end zones were increased to 20 yards which stops shotgun plays near your own end zone of automatically becoming a safety. This fix worked two-fold, as the real CFL end zones are 20 yards. Not only did this fix the safety glitch but it's more accurate, and now you have so much more freedom to call plays when you are in the red zone which is just like the real CFL. You can still throw a fly route from the 1 yard line!!!


I updated the rosters to reflect the 2016 CFL rosters at end of season. I modified both player and team sim settings to reflect the 2016 season. 


Buck and I decided to release the game both with Regular and Max Juice versions. I personally love the Max Juice version as with only 3 downs the field position battle feels very true to the real CFL game you see on TV. However, that mode is certainly difficult and not for novice players so the regular version is also included for those that need it or just think it's more fun. 


Enjoy Tecmo Grey Cup 2016!!!


Key Features:


3 downs

110 yard field

20 yard end zones

FG posts at front of end zones

Directional punting

6 team playoff using accurate CFL crossover wild card system

2016 rosters

CFL vs NFL (replacing Pro Bowl)

TECMO GREY CUP 2016version3.jpg

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