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  1. Not sure what match to call for practice. Or just want to have a random (fairish) match created? This is the rom for you. 
    This will randomly pick a match from a set of 64 matches 

    .DB IND, N.E        
    .DB N.E, SEA         
    .DB CLE, G.B         
    .DB CLE, SEA         
    .DB CLE, PHX        
    .DB PHX, NYJ        
    .DB PHX, DAL        
    .DB PHX, PIT        
    .DB DAL, NYJ         
    .DB ATL, PHX        
    .DB ATL, DAL        
    .DB ATL, DEN         
    .DB ATL, N.O        
    .DB N.O, PHX         
    .DB N.O, G.B       
    .DB N.O, DEN        
    .DB N.O, NYJ
    .DB DAL, PIT        
    .DB PIT, N.O
    .DB PIT, NYJ         
    .DB PIT, S.D       
    .DB PIT, T.B 
    .DB PIT, DEN       
    .DB S.D, DEN        
    .DB S.D, WAS        
    .DB S.D, K.C
    .DB S.D, T.B        
    .DB RAMS, S.D       
    .DB RAMS, T.B        
    .DB DET, S.D         
    .DB DET, CIN
    .DB T.B, ATL         
    .DB T.B, WAS        
    .DB MIN, DET         
    .DB MIN, WAS         
    .DB MIN, RAMS        
    .DB MIN, MIA         
    .DB MIN, CIN        
    .DB MIN, T.B         
    .DB MIA, RAMS        
    .DB MIA, CIN         
    .DB MIA, DET         
    .DB CIN, T.B        
    .DB CIN, CHI         
    .DB CIN, DEN        
    .DB CIN, S.D         
    .DB CIN, RAMS        
    .DB CIN, K.C        
    .DB CHI, RAI        
    .DB CHI, MIA
    .DB CHI, PHI        
    .DB CHI, K.C         
    .DB CHI, S.D
    .DB PHI, NYG        
    .DB K.C, RAI         
    .DB K.C, MIA        
    .DB RAI, MIA        
    .DB RAI, NYG         
    .DB RAI, PHI
    .DB NYG, RAI
    .DB NYG, BUF         
    .DB BUF, HOU
    .DB S.F, HOU         



  2. Thanks to Buck and Bruddog TECMO GREY CUP 2016 IS HERE!!! This year's version has tremendous upgrades and improvements.
    Using GRG's base CFL ROM (with Pambazos88 added Ottawa Redblacks graphics), Buck, Bruddog and I have completed this year's version of Tecmo Grey Cup.
    Buck did a ton of the difficult work. Buck fixed all of the graphics, removed the halftime stats, and redid the playbooks to give offense formations continuity and competitive COM. He also gave the Pro Bowl a makeover as he coded the 2016 CFL all-star team, and the 2016 NFL all-star team, and gave them proper playbooks as well as replacing references to AFC-NFL with CFL-NFL. There is even an easter egg to change the players of the NFL all-star team to the 1991 TSB all-stars. He lessened the kickoff minimum and maximum distance by 5 yards. Buck also added a hack for directional punting which I think is fantastic. 
    Bruddog stepped in and provided a major major upgrade when he fixed the safety glitch. The end zones were increased to 20 yards which stops shotgun plays near your own end zone of automatically becoming a safety. This fix worked two-fold, as the real CFL end zones are 20 yards. Not only did this fix the safety glitch but it's more accurate, and now you have so much more freedom to call plays when you are in the red zone which is just like the real CFL. You can still throw a fly route from the 1 yard line!!!
    I updated the rosters to reflect the 2016 CFL rosters at end of season. I modified both player and team sim settings to reflect the 2016 season. 
    Buck and I decided to release the game both with Regular and Max Juice versions. I personally love the Max Juice version as with only 3 downs the field position battle feels very true to the real CFL game you see on TV. However, that mode is certainly difficult and not for novice players so the regular version is also included for those that need it or just think it's more fun. 
    Enjoy Tecmo Grey Cup 2016!!!
    Key Features:
    3 downs
    110 yard field
    20 yard end zones
    FG posts at front of end zones
    Directional punting
    6 team playoff using accurate CFL crossover wild card system
    2016 rosters
    CFL vs NFL (replacing Pro Bowl)



  3. After what seemed like endless delays, Tecmo Super Bowl: NCAA 2017 is finally here!
    As seen in the screen-shots, each team has its helmet included on their respective Team Data and Versus screens.
    If you recently downloaded my 2016 version of this ROM, you might find that this one is a little more finely tuned.  Ratings and simdata have been fine-tuned so that end-of season leaders are reflected accurately vis-a-vis their real-life counterparts.
    In keeping with accuracy, the schedule has been reduced to 12 games, with the final week before the playoffs being set as "Rivalry Week."
    The lineup of teams is 96.875% identical (to 2016), with the only difference being the inclusion of Houston, replacing Kansas State.
    There are 32-teams in this ROM.  The 32 teams are divided into the following eight conferences (Note: I took the liberty to "realign" some of the conferences):
    Florida State
    SEC East
    South Carolina
    SEC West
    Texas A&M
    Louisiana State
    Virginia Tech
    Notre Dame
    Big 10
    Ohio State
    Big 12
    Oklahoma State
    Pac 12
    Southern Cal
    Big 10/12
    Michigan State
    Penn State



  4. I have been sitting on this ROM for almost a year before finally releasing it.
    This is a collaborative effort between myself and Dave Murray.  The ROM was originally finished at the end of the 2015-16 NCAA football season and is based on said season.  Unless I missed anything, all instances of "NFL" have been removed from the game and replaced with NCAA logos, so that the game will have an authentic college football feel.
    There are 32-teams on the ROM, with each team having their own helmet art included on their team data screens (helmet art courtesy of Dave Murray).  These lucky 32 teams are:
    Florida State Clemson Pittsburgh Miami Missouri Georgia South Carolina Florida Auburn Texas A&M Louisiana State Alabama Syracuse Louisville Virginia Tech Notre Dame Michigan Nebraska Ohio State Wisconsin Oklahoma Kansas State Baylor Oklahoma State Stanford South California UCLA Oregon Texas Iowa Michigan State Penn State  
    The rosters and ratings were set at the end of the season so they would reflect performances throughout the season.  Again, this ROM is a year old in terms of rosters.  However, perhaps this ROM can set the groundwork as a base-ROM for future releases.



  5. This is Tecmo Super Bowl: Gold.
    I started working on this Legends-themed ROM back in March.  I delayed the release of this ROM for the simple fact that around the time of the originally planned debut, a glut of other "Legends" ROMs burst onto the scene as well.  So as not to (a) get lost in the shuffle or (b) take away from the spotlight of other modders, I pulled my work.
    This delay allowed me to fine-tune this ROM into what I would consider the "gold-standard" of Legends edits (hence, the "Gold" title) previously established by my past Convergence ROMs.
    Each team is comprised of the greatest players in franchise history, whether it's based on talent, records, or the impact they left on the team (Players like Tim Tebow and Kordell Stewart are included for the latter reasons).  In addition to the team rosters, the All-Pro rosters have been edited to contain the greatest players in the history of the National Football League.
    I've combed over this ROM obsessively.  If there are any errors, please let me know.



  6. Episode 1 of Tecmo Super Bowl: SON Remix is Taking Place as 28 of the best teams battle it out by hiring Cheerleaders and some of the best franchise stars battle it out in the field, Download Here!



  7. Just something to play around with. Rosters range from 1950's to Impact 2016 Rookie Class (J. Ramsey, E. Elliott, J. Bosa, M. Jack). Fast gameplay. Would love to change the playbook and add off/def line push, but I haven't read through enough threads to figure out how to do so yet. Feedback would be much appreciated!



  8. A rework of my former project. I took the greatest Tecmo players across all stock roms, then drafted them to their respective teams. I then went ahead and added fictional player names to the rom, over the Tecmo legends. So all ratings are O.G. style.
    Player names were taken from football movies,  football video games and random name generators. Player names were selected to each position carefully and in a random draft format. Player names EX.........
    Flash Gordon "Quarterback, New York Jets" "I'm sorry, New York Empire"
    Mike Winchell
    Willie Beamen
    Deacon Moss
    Al Bundy
    Rickey Baker
    Ray Finkle
    Wendy's WR greats Gouda and Gruyere (no Bacon though)
    Myself (backup QB Orlando Sharks, just for fun)
    Pittsburgh Renegades are my current Madden players I drafted over various drafts.
    etc etc etc...........................
    This is a COA style mode game, meaning there are no icons, kicking meters.
    The SIM stats are pretty darn good.
    Playbooks very solid for each team and cater to each teams potential strength.
    Graphics are tight and clean, some done by me. Some borrowed.
    Various hacks inserted, to enhance gameplay.
    It's even fun to watch the games!!!!
    Figured I'd just share this. I had it sitting for awhile, on my computer. Feel free to do what you want with it, add icons, meters, juice etc etc etc.



  9. This is the final edition of Tecmo Super Bowl: Convergence.  For those that haven't followed this project, this is a ROM that contains the greatest teams in each franchise's history.  With this ROM, you can pit the battle of the undefeateds as the 1972 Dolphins are pitted against the 2007 Patriots, or hop in the way-back machine as Jim Brown and the 1964 Cleveland Browns square off against Bart Starr and the 1962 Green Bay Packers.  There are 32 teams with fair representation of the decades going back to the 1960s (60s (7 teams), 70s (4), 80s (5), 90s (8), 00s (4), 10s (4)).  The teams included are:
    1960 Philadelphia Eagles
    1961 Houston Oilers
    1962 Green Bay Packers
    1963 San Diego Chargers
    1964 Cleveland Browns
    1968 New York Jets
    1969 Kansas City Chiefs
    1970 Baltimore Colts
    1972 Miami Dolphins
    1976 Minnesota Vikings
    1978 Pittsburgh Steelers
    1983 Los Angeles Raiders
    1985 Chicago Bears
    1986 New York Giants
    1988 Cincinnati Bengals
    1989 San Francisco 49ers
    1990 Buffalo Bills
    1991 Detroit Lions
    1991 Washington Redskins
    1992 Dallas Cowboys
    1998 Denver Broncos
    1998 Atlanta Falcons
    1999 Jacksonville Jaguars
    1999 St. Louis Rams
    2000 Baltimore Ravens
    2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    2007 New England Patriots
    2009 New Orleans Saints
    2012 Houston Texans
    2013 Seattle Seahawks
    2015 Arizona Cardinals
    2015 Carolina Panthers
    There have been some changes since the last release of Convergence 3.0.  First and foremost, the 1975 Steelers have been replaced with the 1978 version of the team.  The 1999 Tennessee Titans have reverted back to the 1961 Houston Oilers (the team that was featured in Convergence 1.0, replaced in 2.0).
    A few graphical tweaks have been made, mostly in presentations.  On each of the Team Data screens, I have put a year "sticker" on the team helmets (see screenshot gallery).
    Also, new to the Convergence franchise are the inclusion of All-Time Super Bowl teams.  With help from the TecmoBowl.org community, I was able to set an AFC and NFC All-Time Super Bowl roster for play in Pro Bowl mode.  I'm sure there are discussions to be had regarding my choices for the team, but keep in mind my selections were based on (a) Super Bowl performance, (b) and player availability.  In regards to player availability, one of the reasons that I replaced the '75 Steelers with the '78 team was because I couldn't imagine an AFC all-time Super Bowl team without Mike Webster at center.  Mike Webster was on the 1978 team.  He was not on the 1975 team.
    One other major update was the correction of the ROMs simdata.  In previous versions of Convergence, it was not uncommon for Walter Payton or Thurman Thomas to lead the league, both in rushing, but also in receiving.  In fact, the league's leading receivers were comprised of 95% running backs.  This is no longer an issue.  I also went back and recompiled defensive player simdata.  In short, I figured out that using my editor's "Auto Update All Player Sim Attribute" button was a horrible, HORRIBLE idea and the bane of this ROM's existence.  This has been fixed, so expect to see Lawrence Taylor, Rod Woodson, and the like at the top of the league leaderboards.



  10. TECMO GREY CUP 2015
    Pambazos88 and I combined to make this ROM. We used GRG's outstanding CFL ROM as the base. Pambazos88 did all the difficult work. Pambazos88 designed the Ottawa Redblacks helmets. Pambazos88 also fixed all the bugs and graphics issues we found and restored the full playbook. I updated rosters and playbooks based on the 2015 season and stats. Simulation settings have been adjusted to help replicate the 2015 season.
    3 Downs
    110 yd field
    FG posts at front of end zone
    6 team playoff
    2015 rosters



  11. Hi all,
    I have updated the old 2013 rom.
    So I have uploaded:
    Tecmo Super Bowl 2016 Super Bowl Stars.
    This rom reunites most of the Super Bowl protagonists, along with teams that have never been in a Super Bowl.
    Teams Included:
    90 Bills - Lost SB XXV
    72 Dolphins - Won SB VII
    04 Patriots - Won SB XXXIX
    68 Jets - Won SB III
    88 Bengals - Lost SB XXIII
    14 Browns
    12 Ravens - Won SB XLVII
    08 Steelers - Won SB XLIII
    06 Colts - Won SB XLI
    12 Texans
    99 Jaguars
    99 Titans - Lost SB XXXIV
    97 Broncos - Won SB XXXII
    69 Chiefs - Won SB IV
    89 Raiders - Feat. Bo Jackson
    94 Chargers - Lost SB XXIX
    87 Redskins - Won SB XXII
    11 Giants - Won SB XLVI
    04 Eagles - Lost SB XXXIX
    92 Cowboys - Won SB XXVII
    85 Bears - Won SB XX
    91 Lions
    10 Packers - Won SB XLV
    73 Vikings - Lost SB VIII
    02 Buccaneers - Won SB XXXVII
    09 Saints - Won SB XLIV
    98 Falcons - Lost SB XXXIII
    15 Panthers - Will Win SB 50
    89 49ers - Won SB XXIV
    99 Rams - Won SB XXXIV
    13 Seahawks - Won SB XLVIII
    08 Cardinals - Lost SB XLIII
    If you want me to change a team, please let me know. Enjoy!
    NOTE: This is not a real 2016 season for most of the teams. It is an unreal compilation of Super Bowl teams. This rom is not intended to do tournaments, just having a little fun with the teams that have made it to the Super Bowl. This rom is not a full remake rom. It is a dev/test rom, non "production" rom.



  12. Can you beat the 85 Bears?


    Probably not.  So take control of "The Fridge" and destroy the competition.


    All players rated. Accurate Rosters. 



  13. One of the greatest years of all time for USA pop culture and sport...1985.
    Play the "spring" 1985 season of the USFL in 18-game glory....Then, play a separate 14-game season with the best NFL teams of 1985...Then fight through the playoffs and see if you get your team to meet up USFL v NFL in the world championship playoff game...Can the USFL "talent" hold its ground against the NFL? Probably not, but you can try!
    The upper 14 team "conference" contains the full 14-team USFL experience.
    The lower 14-team "conference" consists of the 10 NFL playoff teams and four other NFL teams from 1985 season.
    Traditional NES TSB gameplay, with minor gameplay and graphic upgrades, etc.
    Guaranteed to thrill.



  14. File imported by an administrator




    TFO stands for "Tecmo Fantasy Owners". The idea and rom hack are ran by the TFO Commish Roger. The entire project is named "Tecmo Fantasy Owners Football League" or "TFO Football League".

    Each team in the TFO Football League has been created by a different person; an Owner of a TFO Team. These owners set the stats, names, colors, logos, and superstar players for their team via an RPG like application they were sent. In essence they have "purchased" their dream teams.

    After each owner submitted their team it was hacked into the original Tecmo Super Bowl for the NES. So all 24 teams are accessible from the hacked rom.

    To make things more interesting instead of releasing the rom right away we documented the first full season of TFO Football on our website http://tfofootball.weebly.com. We have created an 11 week schedule with a full Tecmo Super Bowl playoff system in tact. These were all covered in games recorded for YouTube, some with commentary!

    The 2013 season started Feb 2013 and ended in May 2013.

    SO the question now is... Are You Ready For Some 8-bit Football???????



  16. I collected this a few years ago. I didn't see this rom on this site and its a favorite of mine so I figured It should be up here. I didn't create this rom. 



  17. After watching the 2012-2013 season I took it upon myself to recreate that season because of the personnel and state of the league.  There are many reasons i made this game and here they are in a list.
       - Ray Lewis' last stand
       - 3 rookie quarterbacks made it to the playoffs, (never been done in NFL history: Robert griffin III, Russel Wilson, Andrew Luck)
       - First time the NFL has had multiple mobile quarterbacks (Robert griffin III, Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson, Cam Newton, Michael Vick, even Aaron Rodgers on a good day)
       - Peyton Manning's first season back from mutiple neck surgeries and now with the broncos
       - J.J. Watt recording 20 sacks but most unbelievably 20 PASS DEFLECTIONS
       - Adrian Peterson's almost record breaking season in a "Passing League"
    Hacks Applied to this rom
       - Kick off distance hack
       - Touch back kickoff hack
       - Must have overtime Winner hack
       - Clock countdown rate changed from default 20 to 23 (clock ticks slower)
       - Moved kickoff to 35 so the ball reaches the back of the endzone with full power (thanks to Buck for the help)



  18. TFO stands for "Tecmo Fantasy Owners". The idea and rom hack are ran by the TFO Commish Roger. The entire project is named "Tecmo Fantasy Owners Football League" or "TFO Football League".

    Each team in the TFO Football League has been created by a different person; an Owner of a TFO Team. These owners set the stats, names, colors, logos, and superstar players for their team via an RPG like application they were sent. In essence they have "purchased" their dream teams.

    After each owner submitted their team it was hacked into the original Tecmo Super Bowl for the NES. So all 28 teams are accessible from the hacked rom.

    To make things more interesting instead of releasing the rom right away we documented the first full season of TFO Football on our website http://tfofootball.weebly.com. We have created an 17 week schedule with a full Tecmo Super Bowl playoff system in tact. These were all covered in games recorded for YouTube, some with commentary!

    The 2014 season started Feb 2014 and ended in July 2014. This was our Second Season.

    So the question now is... Are You Ready For Some 8-bit Football???????



  19. The 8-bit version of the newest, hottest pro football league is here.


    Play as one of 28 teams from the Action Football Federation and go through the real 2014 AFF season with star players such as...


    *Javon Jackton II

    *"Action Bowl IV MVP" Darius Justice

    *Mitsuharu Kobashi

    *Charlie La Rousse

    *Victor Albelda

    *Jesse Martinez

    *Michael Conde

    * and more...


    This game hours of fun with 15-minute quarters of tecmo time. Hardcore ball attacking action for more fumbles. Tougher defenses and faster running backs for some real big time gridiron football.


    Get your copy NOW!



  20. Tecmo Minor League Football 2015 by buck and rewhawl

    - Highspeed with new plays, modified physics engine, hacks, graphics, etc. -
    This is Buck and Rewhawl's follow-up to their legendary TSB Semi-Pro.  Work on this rom started in '12 and was recently revived/finished in here in 1st quarter '15.  It's a lot of fun.
    The theory behind the team creation on this rom is a "money" system to buy 4 types of players at each football position:
    bum (fewest amount of attributes available) bronze silver gold (highest amount of attributes available) I won't go into the details of the money/point system, but basically the point system allowed for just enough "money" to build a team of "bronzes".  The faces used for each player indicate their "type".  So, besides just seeing that they have increased attributes, you can tell who is who by looking at their picture on the player attribute page.
    So Rewhawl and I each created two teams per division.  

    TML Team Writeup:
    _____USA North Division_______________________________________

    BOSTON BANG (buck)
    Gold QB BEN BRUTAY did not only sign an exclusive antiperspirant deal with spray-can BRUT, he was a star running back that demanded he play QB, and the Boston Bang owner did not argue with him, because a "Tebow-type" player can really tear it up in the Minor Leagues.  A pair of Silver safeties is all you have on D.
    Pipes, drains, and lead poisoning...When COM uses this team, I swear that they cheat.  Somehow rewhawl programmed that.  But the Plumbers have a solid running attack with a Silver OL blocking for Silver powerback RB HEAVY DEE and the quick Silver RB WAFFLE KUTTS, and speedy Silver QB EZ DROP.  The Plumber defense is suspect, though, with a single Silver - RILB DUANE PIPE.  Go lay some pipe tonight and hit it up in the warp zone with the Plumbers!
    ALBANY AMOEBA (buck)
    Defensive-minded Amoeba Head Coach Alvin Bucklander runs what he likes to call the "Amoeba" Defense...with a Gold RE JAZONN GWARN, Silver RILB MORT FRANCIS, and a pair of Silver CBs.  Does it work?  Not really.  Their offense is grinding at it's best, so you better watch your players conditions to optimize your lineup....usually the Amoeba QB JJ COLTRANE just "chucks and prays" to WR BACARDI KING. 
    ANDOVER TROJANS (rewhawl)

    The Trojans have a rich and famous running game - with RBs DEVIN CAMARO and SCOTTY POLO (both made the ALL STAR team).  To beat this team, force them to pass.  If you play your cards right, after the game, the Trojans might invite you to back the country club for a round of golf or whatever they do in Andover, USA.
    _____USA South Division_______________________________________

    TUPELO TIGERS (rewhawl)
    Tupelo should be called Passing City, Mississippi.  Gold QB APOLLO DREDD has two Silver WRs and a Silver TE to pass to.  Defensively, the Tigers are soft, but they have the typical "rewhawl" safety configuration - Silver SS LIMA DREEMS.  Roar.
    Ever watch "Bangin in Little Rock"?  These guys watch it every day, in real life.  But guess what, they are the reining Minor League Champs (via a COM v COM season!).  Rumpus has a solid running game with two Silver RBs and a Silver WR, a balanced defense, and luck on their side.
    RB TRIG IVERSON and the Hounds sure can hit.  This team modeled itself after teams in the Semi Pro "HP" Division.  The Hounds sniff out opposing offenses with their hard-hitting "All-Bronze" LBs and Silver SS DUKE "Take a whiff of my pantleg" ZALZA.  Look to capitalize with the offense's high HP.  WOOF WOOF.
    DAYTONA DARTS (rewhawl)

    The Darts are aptly named - because speed does kill.  Just try and contain this pair of Silver RBs.  Low HP team overall, but they sure can turn some heads!  The Darts have the hottest cheerleaders, according to calendar sales.  Start Your Engines!
    _____USA Middle Division_______________________________________

    SAGINAW SAILORS (rewhawl)
    Is your boat out of gas?  Call Gold QB CAPN.AHAB.  Also call on the pair Gold CBs for air-defense support.  However, the Sailors underachieved in the official COM v COM TML season.  But, the Love Boat soon will be making another run!
    The Crypts balanced offense (Silver QB and Silver RB) should keep you on the field and their pair of Silver CBs were hand-picked to stop division rival Saginaw.  Sport the correct colors in the right 'hoods or you're gonna find yourself all up in a Wichita crypt.
    BOISE BRAINIACS (rewhawl)
    Rumor is, you must pass a rigorous football intelligence test to play on this team, but common sense will tell you otherwise.  The Brainiacs have a good running game, altough low on HP, and a good defense - TML sack leader LILB PROFESSOR ABACUS and SS HOOT BEET have you covered.  (Side Note:  Deadly RB BENSON BURNER is the only player in the TML that has his own openly discussed harem of cheerleaders, you can see them sometimes at the halftime show, they are known as "Benson's Bitches".)
    OMAHA HARD (buck)
    I've heard people say that Omaha is a "hard" city with lots of violence and gangs.  But everybody I've met from there is pretty nice and doughy.  The Hard has lots of Silver to help you on offense, and lots of bums on defense. Look to Gold WR RELAMPAGO BLANCO on offense and SS PABLO LUCKY on defense.  Take the snap and get your Hard on.
    _____USA West Division_______________________________________

    Tucson can run a lot of game offensively, thanks to speedy Silver QB ROD BURNS, although he is low on PS and the offense is low on HP.  Good returners and a decent defense.  Some players of the Trouble can be seen frequenting pawn shops and thrift stores when they visit a city for a football game.
    SAN FERNANDO 69ERS (buck)
    Sex Sells.  So does a ridiculous passing offense.  Gold QB JOE CRULLE, Gold WR MOSES RANDALL, and a Silver WR .  On defense, all the 69ers have is the admitted multiple PED-user Gold RILB PERCYOUS "Randy" EWING (and you thought Viagra commercials only featured hot milfs...)  Due to big-money commercial conflicts, EWING'S suspension was postponed until next season.  '69 Dude.
    MODESTO MATADORS (rewhawl)
    Somehow..this defensively stacked (and offensively challenged due to entire offense being Bums) team manages to kick ass.  Lots of Silver Torero's on the Matodors defense. You better bring your big guns to this BULLFIGHT.
    KLONDIKE DIGGERS (rewhawl)
    What a RUSH - Injury-prone Gold RB TINK NUGGETS is a mountain of a man for the Diggers.  Defensively the Diggers are well-balanced, with Silver sprinkled all over.  Get your hopes up and get down with Diggers Fever!
    _____INTERNATIONAL 1 Division_______________________________________

    One night in Bangkok makes a civil engineer shit his pants.  But check out this impressive offensive POWERHOUSE, led by League-Leading ALL-STAR Gold QB PON PHA.NOM.  This team has a Gold TE - TONGSAK BO.KONG.  The Pach are a pretty solid team, if not light on HP.  Jump on the Pachyderm tok tok, today!
    These guys think that The Rugby Championship's All-Blacks rugby team are a squad of pussies, so they started a football team.  They are tough bastards.  Hard hitting OL and RBs, and a solid defense led by the brute Gold FS HUNAPO AATA.  Just don't try to get into a grappling match with the All Sheep, okay mate? 
    Tener un cigarro, mi amigo!  Defense wins championships?  Is Pink the new Black?  Not if MITO TIO RICO is your QB and your entire offense is Bums.  These self-proclaimed "communist pigs" appear to be the international version of the Modesto Matadors.  Word on the TML Street is that the Cochinos have been making their way into the hearts of all Americans.
    OSAKA OKUYUKI (buck)
    KONNICHIWA, „ĀŹ„ĀĚ„Ā£„Āü„āĆ.¬† Gold QB AKIO HIKOUSHI and Gold WR HAI AKUMA can make the "perfect" connection - can you figure it out?¬† (or will you ever learn to stop it, rewhawl)?¬† Only trouble is, can Gold FS TOSHIRO MIFUNE single-handedly take care of this Okuyuki defense?
    _____Z-Plane 1 Division_______________________________________

    PERRY MEDICS (rewhawl)
    Due to record profits and no end of profits in sight (thanks, ACA), a few doctors, x-ray techs, and ER guys started a football team!  The Medics are a big time passing team with TWO Gold WRs MORPHINE DRIP and HYPO DERMIC!  One weird thing about the Medics is that their cheerleaders don't wear panties...maybe it's the N2O?
    WTML SLAMMERS (rewhawl)
    HEYYO!  Go back in time and get back to your Pro Wrestling roots with the SLAMMERS!!!  A team of tough fellas, created back before QB MACHO MAN died, so this is the only TML rom with him (and wife) on it!  RB ROWDY RODDY is ready to go up the gut.  Check the Slammers out!
    GI Joe and Cobra (from the comic book, not the wack cartoon) worked out a compromise deal with the New World Order and started a football team together.  Gold RB SNAKE EYES is who you think he is.  Gold CB STORM SHADOW can chop a lot of game.  Larry Hama would be proud of the Players.
    GRIT CREEK (buck)
    Not many people know much about Grit Creek, because their games are seldom televised.  But they are actually pretty balanced.  Big-Gun QB NOEL PADDLE and the gritty, Gold ROLB STRONG JOHNSON lead their sides of the ball.  Don't get stuck up the Creek!
    _____International 2 Division_______________________________________

    This team has so much potential, with a Gold QB BIRDSONG POW.WOW and Silver RB BO PUMP and SS MEL LAVENDER - even Gold ROLB MAGNAVOX KRAID!...but has their prodigious consumption of weed and alcohol hurt them?  You can decide that.  The Mouvers were a disappointment in the official TML COM v COM season.  Mouve it, boyee.
    Most of the guys on this Birkshire football team are ex/wannabe-rugby players.  Pretty solid, overall.  Pair of Silver RBs, and a Gold CB Winston Rotton.  Unless you can drink like a fish and don't mind spitting out a tooth from time to time, it might be best to avoid trying to grapple with the Rainbow.
    MARSAILLE MIMES (rewhawl)
    No doubt they're suave, but just don't ask these French guys any questions.  You will only receive a puzzled stare behind an invisible pane of glass.  The quick, Silver QB PIERRE HUGO and Gold RB BERTRAND PLASTIQUE are hard to stop and that Mimes defense is deceptively fast.  . . ... . . . .. .. . . ... .. .. . .  . .
    ABERDEEN CLAN (rewhawl)
    You Braveheart....I Braveheart.  This team is composed mostly of Bronzes, but with Gold RILB BRUCE BRAVEHEART.  It really hurts to catch these guys when they're JUICED.  The Clan are classic over-achievers.
    _____Z-Plane 2 Division_______________________________________

    LUCK MOUNTAIN (buck)
    It is well known that Gold RB KING SCHMIDT can do it all (and on offense, he MUST do it all)...but how long can this guy stay "king of the mountain"?  Built around a tough Defense, with Dual Silver ILBs and Dual Silver Safeties, Luck Mountain was the runner up in the official TML COM v COM season.
    DOWNTOWN STABLE (rewhawl)
    This team is beyond acceptable, even for adults.  The Stable is the only Minor League team with women on it (besides QB MISS ELIZABETH on the WTML Slammers).  But these aren't your typical women - Drugs, weapons, attitudes, harlotry, etc.  Gold QB ICEBURG SLIM leads his offense and Gold FS CROSSTOWN RIVAL leads the defense .  Pimpin aint easy, but it sure is fun!
    KNOTTY PINES (rewhawl)
    Like Grit Creek, this team goes barely noticed, because of poor media coverage.  And like Grit Creek, they are more than capable of kicking your ass.  Silver QB and a pair of Silver WRs.  The Pines also have a tough defensive featuring their "All-Silver" secondary!  Experience the deep, musky defensive aroma along with a sweet, fruity passing-game odor.
    DEATH VALLEY (buck)
    Due to conditioning in the extreme environments, TOUGHNESS becomes 2nd nature.  So, these Death Valley football players are not scared of anything, except buzzards.  Their defensive "bookends" Gold ROLB PURELL WHITE and Gold LOLB PETE DEATHRAGE knock a lot of balls loose and people out of games.  Unfortunately, the Valley's heavy-weight Silver QB MACARONEE SANDS just can't quite bring this offense to life.  AAAHHHHGGGHHH!

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  21. TFO stands for "Tecmo Fantasy Owners". The idea and rom hack are ran by the TFO Commish Roger. The entire project is named "Tecmo Fantasy Owners Football League" or "TFO Football League".

    Each team in the TFO Football League has been created by a different person; an Owner of a TFO Team. These owners set the stats, names, colors, logos, and superstar players for their team via an RPG like application they were sent. In essence they have "purchased" their dream teams.

    After each owner submitted their team it was hacked into the original Tecmo Super Bowl for the NES. So all 28 teams are accessible from the hacked rom.

    To make things more interesting instead of releasing the rom right away we documented the first full season of TFO Football on our website http://tfofootball.weebly.com. We have created an 17 week schedule with a full Tecmo Super Bowl playoff system in tact. These were all covered in games recorded for YouTube, some with commentary!

    The 2015 season (also known as Season 3) started Feb 2015 and ended in June 2015. This was our Third Season.

    So the question now is... Are You Ready For Some 8-bit Football???????



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