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  1. This is Super Mario Bros. 2016!
    In short, this is a graphically enhanced version of the original Super Mario Bros. for the NES.  Using Tile Layer Pro, I swapped out most of SMB's sprites with those found in Super Mario Bros. 2 and 3.  Those that I didn't swap, I modified to give them more of a SMB2/3 feel.
    No gameplay was modified, as this is strictly a cosmetic update.  In fact, the only time I used a hex editor was when I changed the date on the title screen from 1985 to 2016.  Nothing more.



  2. Hack Created by: JCR
    1st version
    12 teams
    La Plata                        Academics
    Salta                             Condors
    Mar del Plata                Sharks
    Posadas                       Yaguaretes
    Ushuaia                        Penguins
    Bahía Blanca                Fishers
    Rosario                         Hitters
    Tucumán                      Empanadas
    Buenos Aires(CABA)    Stars
    Bariloche                      Skyers
    Córdoba                       Pumas 
    Mendoza                      WInes



  3. This is a version of Baseball Stars where all the of the teams could contend for a league title, as a departure from the original format where the teams had a graduated increase in talent.  All the teams have had their players' stats upgraded in varying degrees with the Crushers, Ladies, Monsters, and Powers receiving the most extensive stat upgrades, while the Dreams received the fewest upgrades (only bench players Billy and Paul were upgraded). 



  4. This is my most ambitious edit project to date.  To give an idea of the original ROM based on a Japanese professional football league (J.League Winning Goal), check out the images below:
    One of the first things I did was to translate the ROM to English.  On ROMHacking.net, there was a patch provided that reduced my workload by about 50%.
    Next, I replaced all of the team flags with each country's national flags.  The countries in the game are:  United States, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Colombia, Belgium, France, England, Mexico, Germany, Italy, and Portugal.  After replacing the flags, I replaced the original team logos with the logo or crest for each country's football association.
    After changing the logos, I modified the rosters and ratings for each player to accurately reflect the 2014 World Cup.
    The kit colors came next.  I had to go with a team's 2nd or 3rd colors in order to make it as accurate as possible.
    Finally, to pander the the Tecmo crowd, I updated the appearance to have more of a Tecmo-feel to it.  The fonts were replaced with those from Tecmo Super Bowl, along with a few color schemes (white on black, white on blue).
    In regards to the game, there are two modes:  Exhibition (1 or 2 players) and League.  League emulates a larger-scale pool play in the sense that every team will play every other team once before a Champion is crowned.



  5. If Blades of Steel for the NES was made today, this is what it would look like.  This ROM features the top 8 teams from the 2015 NHL season (New York Rangers, Chicago Blackhawks, Tampa Bay Lightning, Montreal Canadians, Anaheim Mighty Ducks, St. Louis Blues, Vancouver Canucks, Nashville Predators).  The team names and uniform colors have been changed to mirror their real-life counterparts.



  6. This NES ROM edit is the Legends Edition of Tecmo NBA Basketball, featuring the greatest (or most famous) players in the history of 27 NBA teams.  The included eras span the 1950's (George Mikan, Bill Sharman, etc) all the way to the present (Lebron James, Kristaps Porzingis, etc).
    Using Basketball-Reference.com and a handful of Google searches, the player avatars and ratings have been matched to represent the real-life counterparts as closely as possible.  I even went in, using Tile-Layer Pro, and added affros to the selection of player haircuts.



  7. Here is an update of the NES classic "Nintendo World Cup." It has updated rosters (to reflect the 2014 World Cup). I also changed the uniforms to closely represent their real-life counterparts. Also, I tweaked the gameplay mechanics a little so that the players on the field run a little faster.

    A little disclaimer, this ROM was my guinea pig as I figured out how to make ROM modifications and color changes using a hex editor.




  8. This ROM is based on the upcoming 2015-2016 NBA season.

    Using ESPN.com's depth charts, the rosters are accurate as of 9-15-15.

    Most of the work was done using Emuware's Tecmo NBA Manager, however, there were many aspects of the game that couldn't be changed using the editor. For this, I used FCEUX's hex editor and Tile Layer Pro. Using these additional tools, I was able to update team logos (Oklahoma City Thunder and Washington Wizards), remove obsolete hairstyles (mustaches, boxy flat-tops) and replace them with more current head accessories (long hair, headbands, and Jahlil Okafor's exploding afro), replace instances of "1991-92" with "2015-16", and other miscellaneous items.

    Along with roster updates, I (to the best of my knowledge) fixed the ratings to reflect the real-life counterparts. However, there is one small minor issue that doesn't affect gameplay, but can be annoying if you're all about 100% accuracy. There are some mercenaries in the game (Festus Ezeli, Mike Miller, Joey Dorsey, and Spencer Hawes) that try to ruin the simulation experience during season play. For some strange reason, these players, regardless of how I rate them (and they're relatively low-rated), end up leading the league in scoring with 30+ points-per-game every season. I don't know why this is. If you can ignore them, right underneath them will be Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and the rest of the NBA elite. Like I said, it's just a small detail issue.

    There are 27 teams in the game. Nashville, Toronto, and New Orleans were the three teams that were left out.




  9. This was a collaborative effort between myself (hex editing), Bodom and stalltalk (ratings). There are 24 teams on the ROM. I kept most of the original teams, with a few exceptions (Hartford out/Anaheim in, San Jose out/Dallas in, New Jersey out/Nashville in, Quebec out/Colorado in).

    I based the rosters off of the depth charts on RotoWorld.com.

    Also, to give the game more of a Tecmo feel, I swapped out the main game font and replaced it with the font from Tecmo Super Bowl.



  10. The original version of Tecmo Baseball has no MLB Players Association license, so every one of the teams are filled with Bobs, Erics, Roberts, Dons, and any other generic name you can come with. The stats for each of the players represents a real-life MLB player to about 70% accuracy. Honestly, I think the ratings were sent from the MLB offices to the Tecmo offices in Japan, written on a napkin with a pencil. Many times I had to figure out who the player was that Tecmo was aiming for. But, it's done and all the generic names and incorrect stats (based on the 1987 season) have been replaced.

    There are fourteen teams (out of the twenty-six at the time) on the ROM (see screenshot for list).

    I figure this ROM could possibly serve as a base-ROM for any future Tecmo Baseball projects.




  11. This is a 'night mode' hack of Bad News Baseball. No player data has been edited, so it is a true BNB playing experience with only graphical enhancements. MLB plays over 2/3 of its games at night, so this hack reflects today's play better than the original. The muted colors are also easier on the eyes as the original plays especially bright on computer monitors (grass is bright neon green and dirt is bright orange). Other changes include updated title screen (would still like to hack it with the subtitle included 'Under the Lights'), updated logos to better reflect real MLB teams, updated team colors to better reflect today's uniforms, and many more things I'm forgetting. This also includes the hack enabling Girl Mode easier (just hit select on 1st player controller).



  12. This is a fun ROM. It is based on the 1871 National Association of Professional Base Ball Players’ season. This is the first year that professional organized baseball existed (only six years after the American Civil War ended).
    Every team in the league is included, plus one more. At the time, only nine teams existed (Philadelphia Athletics, Chicago White Stockings, Boston Red Stockings, Washington Olympics, New York Mutuals, Troy Haymakers, Ft. Wayne Kekiongas, Cleveland Forest Citys, and the Rockford Forest Citys). A 10th team, Brooklyn, was added to the game. This team was expected to join the league in 1871, but decided to remain as an amateur team. However, for the sake of this game, the Brooklyn Atlantics were added.
    Also, during this time players did not use gloves. This becomes evident when looking at the fielding statistics at the time and the Washington Olympics were to top fielding team at .850 (and the Fort Wayne Kekiongas the lowest with .803). This is accurately reflected in this game as the players field as if they have no gloves. Not sure why this happens, but I have frequently seen a player take a line-drive off the hand, drop it, and end up running off field in tears while his teammates recover the ball and continue the play. Luckily, the player is back on the field before the next pitch is thrown. Funny thing to watch.
    Don’t expect any dramatic power numbers in this ROM as there was a three-way tie between Levi Meyerle, Lip Pike, and Fred Treacey as league leader with four. However, the season was approximately 30 games long, so I took this into consideration when determining the player ratings. I based the ratings for each player on their career numbers pro-rated over a 162-game season.
    One last thing to note… Back in 1871, there were no pitching staffs. A team had a pitcher, and that was it. This is reflected in this game. Each team has a single pitcher with extremely high stamina so he is expected to last the entire game. If for some reason your pitcher is tiring, you can swap him out with a fresh version of himself.



  13. This ROM is an edit of Tecmo NBA Basketball and is based on the 2014-15 NCAA Basketball season. With the 2015-16 season coming up, I chose to go with last season's rosters due to the fact that I wanted hard data to work with instead of speculative data. So, while there is no Ben Simmons in this ROM, there is plenty of Jahlil Okafor and Rakeem Christmas to go around.

    There are 27 teams included (see screenshots).

    To go along with the college rosters, I've edited all of the team logos and court logos. Play in the Carrier Dome!

    What I think makes this ROM special are the details that give it more of an NCAA-feel. Instead of playing in the NBA Playoffs, take your team through a 16-team March Madness tournament. Simdata had been adjusted so, again, the games feel more NCAA (80-70 games instead of 110-95). I've even included two All-American teams so you can play our own All-American All-Star Game.

    As a recommendation, set the season length to "Short" (26 games) to closely emulate the length of a typical 30-game NCAA season.

    There is only one downfall to this ROM that has to be mentioned, however. If you sim a season (with SKP), each team's #1 scorer will average over 60 points per game, while the rest of the team hovers at around 0.1. If anybody knows a fix to this, PLEASE, let me know. This was caused by using the Rabbit NBA Editor program. The workaround to this is by setting all of the teams' controls to COM (not yours) and letting the CPU battle it out. Most emulators have a speed control so you can set these games to 6400% and breeze them by.




  14. This is a modernized update of the NES classic, Jordan vs. Bird - One on One, featuring two of the NBA's current premiere players, Lebron James and Carmelo Anthony.

    Lebron James takes the place of Michael Jordan in this ROM, while Carmelo fills the shoes of Larry Bird. In this ROM, you can participate in a Slam Dunk contest with Lebron, a 3-Point contest with Carmelo, or as the title suggests, one-on-one.

    In a move that was 100% intentional, instead of his traditional #7 jersey, Carmelo Anthony is wearing a throwback Patrick Ewing (my hero growing up) #33 jersey in this ROM.



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