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Super Nintendo Tecmo Super Bowl 1, 2, And 3 Roms Of All Shapes And Sizes

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  1. 2016

    FEBRUARY 17, 2017.
    Accurate rosters Attributes according to the 2016 Season PRO BOWL 2016 Rosters and uniforms 2016 NFL RECORDS New FA Values (Thanx to DRUNKEN HONKEY)  
    Super Bowl LI Season 2016 is here with TECMO SUPER BOWL 3.
    Changes over the league have happened and now the season kickoff is real.
    First of all Thanx to Drunken Honkey for all his advices, and help without you man this couldn't be possible.
    The TSB3 Bible.
    Tons of people that developed TSB3 Roms before.
    Pro Football Reference
    Bleacher Report
    Over the Cap
    The valuable information helped me to create the ROM, ttrying to be very accurate in attributes.
    Remember I'm not good at graphics, I do my best but I still suck...
    Fine. The game itself.
    30 Teams as you know, hope a 32 version arrives sometime soon because there's people working in this so difficult task, but in the meantime we have this.
    The ROM contains every original team in TSB3 except for the Oilers. The Ravens are instead.
    A complementary ROM will come in a few days with the Titans and Texans, removing Ravens and Browns.
    Real uniforms, including cut scenes. Attributes completely customized for every player. Rosters updated to September 08, 2016. Free Agency Points according to the salary of each player. (This means that you could have a very good player, but his FAP value is low). Playbooks customized for maximize the attributes of the offenses. Offensive schemes designed for obtain the best of the players. Defensive schemes according to real. 2015 Pro Bowl rosters and unifors (the uniforms shouldn´t take so serious). Real Free Agents in the pool. (Mark Sanchez is here because I suppose that Romo will be back, not for much; so he is in the Cowboys roster, and Prescott will be starter, so if you want to have Sanchez, go for him in the Free Agency). Complete new Hidden Players took from the 1966, 1976, 1986 and 1996 drafts. I took the best I could from every position from these 4 drafts.  
    Just enjoy it and let me know anything you notice.
    Be happy...



  2. I edit the roster from last year 2015-2016 Rom. I used the Android TSBTool for android. Also I don't have the ability to add or change team uniforms



  3. Contininuing with my celebration of the TSB3 20 years anniversary, I bring you this Little update of this monster game.

    RELOADED EDITION is the same TSBIII, but with little settings for make it more accurate to the 1995 season.

    As we know, the game was created during the offseason and the training camps, for that reason there are some players that never played a single snap, and some others are missing. Well, I searched for the players in the 1995 season and put them in the teams, I throwed off some players that never were really in the team or were out all season foir IR (Like Kijana Carter)
    Here´s a little list of the changes:

    MVP Brett Favre. Attributes increased.
    DPOTY Bryce Paup. Attributes increased. Rookie DPOTY Mike Mamula. Attributes increased

    Rookie OPOTY Curtis Martin. Adeed to the Patriots.
    Deion Sanders with the Cowboys (Yes, they are even stronger)
    No Barry Foster for the Panthers (He didn´t play for them a single snap)

    Kerry Collins
    Steve Mcnair
    Mark Brunnel
    Among a few other players.
    All the names appears (No RB Bills, etc.)
    Accurate Jersey numbers
    Free Agency points established according to the quality of the player (So, no 210 FAP for Scott Mitchell)
    New AFC and NFC Rosters (Thanx so much to DRUNKEN HONKEY)
    New FA Players. I changed the FA players for first round picks from the 1996 draft and so on.

    No changes in Hidden Players.
    Except for new players in some rosters, those I mentioned above and the new FA, the attributes keep exact the same as Tecmo did.

    There are 3 ROM´s because I settled up 3 different schedules. I don’t know, but play against the same division of the other conference comes a little boring sometimes, so I give you 3 choices.

    ROM A

    The original one

    AFC East VS NFC West
    AFC Central VS NFC Central
    AFC West VS NFC East

    ROM B

    AFC East VS NFC East
    AFC Central VS NFC West
    AFC West VS NFC Central

    ROM C

    AFC East VS NFC Central
    AFC Central VS NFC East
    AFC West VS NFC West

    So, this is like an upgrade of the game only, of course 20 years later (almost 21) Please enjoy the new features.

    Thank you.



  4. Joining the Tecmo Legends Rom (Each Franchise's All-Time Best Team) and the Best of the 90s Rom is the "Best of the New Millennium" Rom.    As the name suggests, it features teams from the turn of the century, from the 2000 season to present day.   Again, 28 franchises are represented in the SNES version, meaning the weakest two teams in each conference are out (sorry Bills, Browns, Lions, and Redskins)

    2007 Jacksonville Jaguars
    2006 Indianapolis Colts
    2000 Miami Dolphins
    2004 New England Patriots
    2010 New York Jets
    2015 Cincinnati Bengals
    2008 Pittsburgh Steelers
    2012 Houston Texans
    2000 Baltimore Ravens
    2015 Denver Broncos
    2003 Kansas City Chiefs
    2002 Oakland Raiders
    2006 San Diego Chargers
    2000 Tennessee Titans

    2007 Dallas Cowboys
    2007 New York Giants
    2004 Philadelphia Eagles
    2008 Arizona Cardinals
    2015 Carolina Panthers
    2006 Chicago Bears
    2013 Seattle Seahawks
    2010 Green Bay Packers
    2009 Minnesota Vikings
    2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    2012 Atlanta Falcons
    2001 St. Louis Rams
    2009 New Orleans Saints
    2012 San Francisco 49ers




  5. The "Tecmo: Best of the 90s" rom features the top 1990s team from 28 different NFL franchises.   Teams included:

    1990 Buffalo Bills
    1999 Indianapolis Colts
    1992 Miami Dolphins
    1996 New England Patriots
    1998 New York Jets
    1999 Jacksonville Jaguars
    1994 Cleveland Browns
    1993 Houston Oilers
    1995 Pittsburgh Steelers
    1998 Denver Broncos
    1997 Kansas City Chiefs
    1990 Los Angeles Raiders
    1994 San Diego Chargers
    1999 Tennessee Titans

    1992 Dallas Cowboys
    1990 New York Giants
    1992 Philadelphia Eagles
    1996 Carolina Panthers
    1991 Washington Redskins
    1990 Chicago Bears
    1991 Detroit Lions
    1996 Green Bay Packers
    1998 Minnesota Vikings
    1999 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    1998 Atlanta Falcons
    1999 St. Louis Rams
    1992 New Orleans Saints
    1994 San Francisco 49ers

    Because it's an SNES rom, a few teams had to be left out.  In the AFC, the Ravens were easy (they hardly existed in the 90s and never made the playoffs).   You'll also note I put in the 93 Oilers AND 99 Titans.   Although they are the same franchise, I felt both deserved inclusion (the 90s and Tecmo aren't complete without the ol' Run'N'Shoot Oilers)   Both the Seahawks and Bengals ended up out as a result, but neither did jack diddly in the 90s.    In the NFC, the Cardinals ended up out.



  6. The most legendary players of all time are here.
    The attributes were modified according to the numbers of their career and that contribute to the talent of each player. I did a deep research for set the attributes according to the strenghts of the players.
    The FAP system was changed to be more realistic, so the more expensive players are the best ones.
    Playbooks are made to maximize the offensive weapons and the tendencies to run or pass for each team.
    Free Agency and Hidden Players optimized too,
    This is a game for spent the summer in the meantime the NFL 2016 Season arrives.
    Thanx so much to DRUNKEN HONKEY, without you man, this couldn't be done. Also thank you to all the people that created TSB3 ROMs, and of course the TSB3 Bible for all the so valuable information.
    I made this just for fun, keep it out of any profit!
    Please ENJOY!!!
    Instruction Manual:
    TSB3LE Guide.pdf



  7. The Tecmo Football Legends rom for the SNES features the top team from 28 NFL franchises.   The teams span seven decades and include 17 Super Bowl champions, five NFL champions, two AFL champions and four conference champions.   Play against the best to find out who the best is!

    Teams included:
    1990 Buffalo Bills
    1958 Baltimore Colts
    1972 Miami Dolphins
    2004 New England Patriots
    1968 New York Jets
    1988 Cincinnati Bengals
    1964 Cleveland Browns
    1961 Houston Oilers
    1975 Pittsburgh Steelers
    1998 Denver Broncos
    1969 Kansas City Chiefs
    1976 Oakland Raiders
    1963 San Diego Chargers
    2000 Baltimore Ravens
    1992 Dallas Cowboys
    1986 New York Giants
    1960 Philadelphia Eagles
    1952 Detroit Lions
    1991 Washington Redskins
    1985 Chicago Bears
    2013 Seattle Seahawks
    1962 Green Bay Packers
    1969 Minnesota Vikings
    2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    2015 Carolina Panthers
    1999 St. Louis Rams
    2009 New Orleans Saints
    1984 San Francisco 49ers

    The default schedule has 13 weeks of conference play, with all teams playing once, followed by AFC vs NFC in the final three weeks. 



  8. Well. I thought that I could release this ROM right after the SB50, but don't.
    Finally I have the job done and it's here to share with everyone.
    3 Important things:
    1. THANX THANX AND THANK YOU VERY MUCH to DRUNKEN HONKEY. Thanks for all the help you gave me man, without your help, this couldn't be done. Lot of patience and this is the result. TSB3 Bible too, cause without it nothing of this could happened.
    2. I'm not a graphic designer, in fact I suck like a designer, but I tried to make the best in the graphical aspect for make a good ROM. In fact much of the graphical aspect in helmets and logos were took from previous ROMs. Thanx to all the people who make the TSB3 possible.
    3. This is just for fun. Everything belong to their owners. It´s just for share.

    Fine, let´s talk about the game itself.
    For celebrating the 20 Years since the release of Tecmo Super Bowl III I created this ROM.
    Best teams of every franchise in the LAST 20 YEARS (1996 - 2015) Players and values based in Pro Football Reference records. Playbooks adjusted to maximize the players. Formations, Defense and Offense according to real life. Rosters according to the year of each franchise better performance (There can be the same player in different teams) Schedule system goes this way; 4 divisional games, 6 conference games, 6 games with the other conference (2 games per division). This way youcan play against a lot of teams. No Texans or Browns here (A ROM with these two teams will come in a few weeks). Uniforms were chosen to bring some variety, according of course the team uniforms and alternate ones. Complete new FA and Hidden players. The NFL Records optimized for the last 20 years, so you won't see Dickerson rushing yards here. A guide will be released soon.  
    Well that's for now I hope you enjoy the game the same way I enjoy doing this. It´s a work from a fan to fans. Please enjoy.
    And any feedback is welcome,



  9. By QBVikings



  10. NOVEMBER 19, 2015 LAST EDITION!!!
    Well I had no intention to give another update, but after all the requirements, here's the last update of the year.
    REAL UNIFORMS!!! YES I listen to you and start to hack this thing... Most of the uniforms have changes or have been updated, check them out! OFFENSIVE AND DEFENSIVE FORMATIONS ARE REAL! Yes, Chiefs, 49ers, etc has 3-4 Defense. Broncos, Colts, etc change to 3WR Sets. TEAM TENDENCIES MORE ORIENTED TO RUN OR PASS. Now you will see Stafford throw a lot more, or Seahawks run a lot. I have the time to release Aldon Smith to FA, add Wes Welker with the Rams, Robert Turbin to the Cowboys and sit Kaepernick...

    Well Just enjoy and let me know waht you think!!!
    EDITED NOVEMBER 05, 2015.
    Well, half of the season has arrived and just 2 months of regular season left. A lot of things have happened in the league since week 1 and this updated ROM testify that.
    A BIG THANX to DOMINIKJAGR, he brought all the Ravens graphics and uniforms.


    So, just enjoy and any feedback is welcome!!!
    Finally the work is over.
    This is the 2015 season version of TSB3.
    Of course as you all know this is a 30 version thing. I did this for my pleasure thinking in share it with all of you who liuke to play TSB3.
    Real schedule 2015. Rosters updated to september 09 2015. (Tomorrow starts the league) This is a version including Baltimore Ravens in the Oilers spot. The 1st pick of the 2015 draft is included on rosters. Values according to the Bleacher Report 1000 metrics. In Free Agency you can find rookie players selected in 2nd, 3rd and beyond rounds. I strongly recomend to play it and restart the schedule when you finished your season, so you can play the real schedule over and over again. The hidden players have...


    The Titans and Texans ROMS will be uploaded in a few days.
    Any feedback is welcome and enjoy because...



  11. This is graphical update of Tecmo Super Bowl 3 NFL 2015 by Fernando 49.
    - No Houston Oilers field logo.
    - End zones at Ravens stadium are grey/black.
    - Houston Oilers small helmet in the team selection menu was edited, is Baltimore Ravens helmet now (check the screenshot).
    - Oilers logo on big helmet is gone, helmet is greyish/blackish now.
    - Oilers team name/banner in the playbook was changed to "RAVENS".
    - Oilers team name/banner in the team selection menu erased.
    - Added big Ravens logo (check the screenshot). The logo is copied from qbviking's TSBI 2014/15 SNES ROM.
    - Ravens' players got black helmet (both home and away uniforms).



  12. In the year 2070, the supreme emperor of the NFL Universe, Jerry Jones, traveled through time and space and started collecting football teams from various timelines and kept them stored safely inside of unbreakable snow globes. After his collection had grown to immense proportions, he released the teams onto a football field that was locked away in a completely different timeline to see what would happen. Emperor Jerry was embarking on his very own live-action game of Fantasy Football.
    Looking past the dramatic presentation, this is a ROM modification of Tecmo Super Bowl III for the SNES featuring the rosters of the greatest teams of each team's history. This isn't an All-Star game where Terry Bradshaw will throw touchdown passes to Hines Ward, but it is a hypothetical "what if" game where you can see who would win if the 1975 Pittsburgh Steelers were to ever take the field against the 1989 San Francisco 49ers or the undefeated 1972 Miami Dolphins against the undefeated 2007 New England Patriots.
    According to some random guy on Twitter, this is the most important modification in the history of Tecmo Bowl!





  13. I take back what I posted a few weeks ago. THIS is my most ambitious project to date. I took the flaming pile of digital garbage that I put out back in February (Tecmo Super Bowl 1977 – NES) and updated it with 16-bit graphics.

    To go along with the visual upgrade, I went through it player-by-player and updated all of the ratings, jersey numbers, skin color, and simdata. I also updated all of the team simdata so that the SKP teams during the regular season play similar to their real-life 1977 counterparts. When simulating a test season, the game correctly simulated four of the six division winners. Only the AFC East and West were incorrect, and with those, the teams in 1st and 2nd flip-flopped.

    I updated the schedule in the game so that it accurately reflects the 1977 season.

    During the player rating editing process, I found the AV scores (approximate value) on for each of the players to be a HUGE god-send.



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