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  2. Still not over it....

  3. I think you got a good idea. Say you make NYC, Midwest and tundra regionals. Along with one in the south and one on the west coast. Then there are plenty of options for the next level.
  4. But do you have the GUNS?
  5. My arm wrap came in the mail not too long ago, so now I have the t shirt, hat and arm wrap.
  6. There are a few on our lists. Nothing to announce just yet. In theory, they all can be to varying degrees. I'll shoot you an email after Madison and we can talk.
  7. I think you could have like 4 or 5 regionals like Tundra Bowl and then have a second tier that feeds them. Like Nate gave the Tomczak winner free entry into Tundra. I'd be fine if Tomczak was a second tier regional tourney or something.
  8. @Stephen_Gunter thanks

  9. It can be very random building up an event to be worthy of a Madison qualifier. I'd like the buffalo tourney to be one. But I can't guarantee as strong of a field. Not to mention we need a new date for our tourney. NYC would be a great regional. Have you guys found other tourneys to be regionals like tundra bowl.
  10. Remember that John Grizzly prefers Valvoline.
  11. Yes, Lincoln Hawk in my group!!! I'll love to talk Over the Top, the underrated kick ass soundtrack, and have shots of Jaeger sir. I better start chugging the motor oil now to prepare.
  12. Today
  13. To quote his shirt last year, There are only two types of tournaments. Ones that Regulator has won, and ones that don't matter.
  14. RT @sowahblanket: John Legend look like Arthur lowkey

  15. My 2 cents. 1. For the top top seeds(1-32), even though they have to win out, it likely got a little easier since in theory there likely won't be anyone close in talent( 1 seeds in the first two games have like a 99% win pct). In the 8 man format a 2,3 seed had a small chance of the pool play upset. 2. It got a little harder for the bottom 2 seeds(50-64 range) as they are likely playing someone similar in skill level and now have no margin for error. 3. The odds are roughly the same for anyone else winning it all...
  16. At some point in the future we might be able to do something similar to that depending on numbers. When you look at tournaments that run in the 1000s *and* have shorter per-game timeframes, seeding the top (read: sponsored) players with some byes is a good decision - no one wants to play a daigo, infiltration, or justin wong in the first round at Evo. But we are far from that point now. Also, as others have pointed out, tecmo is a fickle mistress who mistreats those who mistreat her through fumbles, interceptions, and other little slaps to the hand of the disrespectful.
  17. Recently moved from one part of Ohio to another for work related reasons. Won't be attending Madison 13, but will be looking forward to watching the stream. Good luck this year guys
  18. Yes, exactly. I suppose I skipped over that specific detail. If your tournament is comprised of your hometown friends, you won't get (m)any Tecmo votes... But, if your tournament is sponsored by, you will get infinite value!
  19. You'd almost have to weight it depending on attendees. I know my tournament has had much stronger fields from one year to the next.
  20. We tossed around similar ideas before registration this year, but as of now, there isn't a solid way to rank those top 8 or 16 other than historical performance. I've been pinging the regulars about which tournaments they attend every year solely to collect this information. The first step was taken this year to have the Tundra Bowl be a qualifier, which, in my opinion, turned out awesome. The player strength top to bottom was significant. If we can get all the organizers of the known tournaments to pitch in and give their results in a timely manner we can absolutely do something like this. To continue this trend, we'd need for it to happen at other tournaments as well. We can't have a super weak tournament be a significant portion of the player's ranking. We'd have to come up with the points system or something to have it tallied, Tecmo electoral votes, if you will. This tourney is X points, that tourney is worth Y points. A player's total gets them into the championship tier. Everyone else then battles it out to get to that tier. On the down side, it could be a boring day for those in the upper tier. 4 hours of just chilling. Reg would be hammered by the time it starts.
  21. Sega usually brings a little tv to use in our room so no need for us to jack with the hotel one.
  22. Like how in Karate Kid Part III, Daniel only had to fight the winner of the tourney since he was defending champ. Although Karate's Bad Boy Mike Barnes nearly took him down.
  23. Any chance that one day we will just have the top 8 or 16 start in the bracket? I would find it interesting cause there are no warm up games for elite players and it will give newer players a better shot at the bracket.
  24. Song idea (sorry I'm posting from my phone bc my work has this site blocked for some reason): Bone Thugs and 2Pac - Thug Luv.
  25. #Sort receiving stats by yards instead of catches # SET(0x304F1,0x09) Just posting up the set command to use in TSBTool for the list.
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