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  2. Yes I know.
  3. Looks sick! Love it
  4. @DivorcedDad_USA I can't thing since sliced bread.

  5. I think he's asking how to actually manually edit players names (and associated pointers) in TSB rom, without using TOOL.
  6. To clear up any confusion, that was Aiden English @WWEDramaKing wrestling @WWEDillinger at #Backlash last night, not @BaronVonLector.


  8. @rudepundit It couldn't of happened to a nicer guy lol

  9. I'm at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport - @no_airport in Kenner, LA

  10. Going with a re-vamped Mega Man III logo for the tshirt!
  11. @I_be_Gabe LoLz!!!

  12. The latest The Sockymon Metro! Thanks to @zuzanamiya @nat_bur @iom_tt #repost #ps4

  13. RT @N0RES: retweet this third

  14. RT @YahooBDL: LeBron had his worst playoff game in a while. After it, he called out a reporter and exchanged words with a fan:…

  15. Agreed! Vince Young with the Roughriders should be interesting!
  16. RT @wontgottlieb: Joel Anthony's most notable moment

  17. RT @dohertyfc: "Now i'm gonna show you why they call me Ben 10"

  18. @bruddog thank you for looking at it! The game is freezing on the scoreboard screen during auto skip games. It has gotten through a few quarters but not through an entire game yet.
  19. RT @MattSebek: Knowing when to retire is subjective for every athlete, but I'll suggest "Surrendered HR to Pete Kozma" as a universal barom…

  20. RT @TheOnion: Row Of Dusty PlayStation 2 Games Continues Reign At Top Of Book Shelf

  21. @bomani_jones can't wait for Hitman tomorrow!!!

  22. This is crazy, I just happened to look up ZSNES and found something noted on wikipedia... I never would imagine this happening but am now curious if other emulators would ever have a similar vulnerability. Be careful where you download your ROMS I guess? "In 2015 an exploit that allowed a specially crafted SNES ROM to gain control of the host system, and thus be able to execute malicious code, was discovered in version 1.51; a fixed build was released shortly afterwards."
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