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  2. Milwaukee, WI - 11/04/17 - Tecmo Milwaukee: Who's Next? 11/4

    Here it is guys. Been traveling for work and I haven't been able to do the usual push for registrations. Dave and Rico have offered to help. I should be able to crank it back up in two weeks. We have 20+ confirmed and I really like to have 40 or more like we've had. Don't take lack of responses on here from me as something of putting on a halfass tourney.
  3. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

  4. Madden is the greatest football franchise ever.

    The "Oh s***, DARREN SHAWPAH, one of the da most hahdest hittin' safties in da league!" always gets me, now that we know how Darren Sharper was IRL.
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  6. @mmfa "Neil...welcome back!"

  7. HSTL Hard Knocks: Prime Incorporated

    I have to say I thought this would turn into a Prime explosion but I'm impressed with his composure. I agree with him that execution is the most important part of Tecmo. However, once you meet an equal or better opponent the more talented team provides the edge that creates the additional wins. May the best team AND best executed owner win!
  8. Madden is the greatest football franchise ever.

    I read something the other day where a developer of Madden (or a project manager) accidentally fessed up to Madden auto-balancing online games when the game plays lopsided. I definitely buy it considering some games I have where Tom Brady will throw perfectly every time, and then go on some terrible streak until my opponent evens it up. Wouldn't surprise me in the slightest. That video was fkn amazing, though.
  9. RT @CUBuffsSoccer: A special message to @Girl_SCOUT_ & @j_tompkins05 from @ColoradoRapids and @ussoccer @TimHowardGK ahead of tomorrows @pa…

  10. @chipmnk And Palehoundddd

  11. RT @JanHenrikH: Wait what? https://t.co/E2BlbH7cO7

  12. Madden is the greatest football franchise ever.

    Did you guys ever play Madden ranked on 360? For real, getting people to join your Xbox party and just talking sh*t for 30-45mins was AWESOME. Before every 360 online game turned into children everywhere, it was mainly twenty-something dudes (mostly black dudes for some reason) just talking mad sh*t, glitching hot routes and no scoping people in CoD MW2. Man, those were the days!
  13. Madden is the greatest football franchise ever.

    I'ma put da team on my back doe. F*ck it. lol I laugh every time I watch this.
  14. Madden is the greatest football franchise ever.

    Gregggg Jenninnggsss This is legit one of my favorite internet videos ever.
  15. Madden is the greatest football franchise ever.

    Thanks Dave, that video made my day And this seems like an appropriate place to put this too:
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  17. Madden is the greatest football franchise ever.

    Cleary he was juiced on a fumble recovery like in Tecmo.
  18. You're my mortgagor. This is all our relationship can be. Every month for 180 months you take my money. Stop asking… https://t.co/zWEXVy1ZT6

  19. @DropboxSupport Our log in didn’t work and I am tired of creating another account to get my dam money back. I gave… https://t.co/kZZ0PL9m2l

  20. PORTLAND, OREGON The return to the Rose City. This time bigger, stronger, BOLDER. Logic behind the name: 1) J.J. Birden is a Tecmo Legend that hailed from NE Portland and starred for the Oregon Ducks 2) Portland Tecmo Legend Tailback King constantly struggles with his desire to compete within the structure of Tecmo Tournaments and his need to honor #39 Johnny J for the Cards. It's a burden for him, or a Birden if you will. 3) Winning a game cause of some JJ (jumping jackass) bullshit leaves the winning player a burden, which often results in the Tecmo Gods evening things out later Things to look forward to in this tournament: 1) Momentum carried over from Johnny Johnson in the Beaver, which had an endless amount of memorable matchups and introduced us to several new players on the scene. 2) Co-Organization from Portland native and reigning Seattle champ Ptitteri, who has been organizing a small Portland Tecmo tourney for several years. 3) The further evolution of TBK, who continues to mold his game beyond relying on Johnny Johnson's hidden stats. 4) Gripsmoke not boning out. 5) Some good-ass fucking microbrew FLOWIN 6) The usual Pacific Northwest Tecmo shenanigans All we have to announce at this time is that the DATE will be December 9th and it will be in Bridgetown proper, so clear your schedule and peep the details as they materialize. Chime in on the BOARD to get your name on the LIST. 1. D.T. (The Boss) 2. Ptitteri (The Enforcer) 3. Gripsmoke (The OG) 4. WHO ELSE?
  21. RT @fmaddenNBA: Koenig and Jalen Moore among the first 2-way signings...and now both gone. GP2/James Young eligible to sign 2-ways if they…

  22. @Indians God bless you

  23. @kylethomaswest @concrete1992 @BohsJohnny Right but they could if they inflated their numbers / cooked the books. H… https://t.co/SWquq8wiH7

  24. Oh and cool I get to sit in traffic now fun lol 🙃

  25. (NES) Goji's Tecmo Super Bowl NFL 2018 (11.8)

    That's kind of the problem with the COM in Tecmo Super Bowl @coolguy22 and @heyuimintojsus. It's hard to make it not too easy but not too cheap given the limited processing power of the system. Even modern football games don't really come that close to approximating another human player.
  26. (NES) Goji's Tecmo Super Bowl NFL 2018 (11.8)

    I am in agreement. It's way too hard for me to play with everything being intercepted, or fumbles, too, always being returned for TDs.
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