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  2. A question I do have- In your Quest for 32 progress thread DH you've documented specific coding and bytes needed to alter the ROM to logistically accommodate the 2 extra teams. If an average bloke would follow these steps from an unaltered ROM, what more would need to be done to make it a functional 32-team TSB3 file in its original gameplay and functionality (aside from entering the specific team data- names, rosters, logos, map locations, etc.)? This of course assumes no graphic or gameplay/playbook etc. updates. Just curious- I'm still completely convinced that TSB4 > TSBIII
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  4. @ChiFireEyedBoy lol

  5. My achievement in life has been becoming a father. How can I stop time to feel that forever? How do I stop forgetting the little things?

  6. I don't think you and I played during the last Milwaukee tournament. I'm sensing sarcasm here on the joy factor.
  7. STEP 7 - LOOKIT THE SCOREBOARD! Aside from a few optional changes, this is the last step in customizing Bad News Baseball to our own preferences. As I mentioned much earlier, when it comes to the scoreboard, there are a few graphics that are shared between teams. We are going to take care of that first by changing a few lines of hex code. In the Hex Editor of FCEUX, go to the lines below... ...and change the red boxes as such... What this will do is allow us to use a few empty graphics to replace the shared graphics previous piggybacked by Oakland, Detroit, and Toronto. Our next task is to create our graphics to match our new teams. We will do this similar to creating the logos, but with a lot less work. With CorelDraw, Adobe, or just graph paper, come up with an 8 x 16 block grid. We will red out the first 3 columns so we are sure not to use them, like all the ones in the original game. Next, using the alphanumerics in the game as a guide, recreate your teams logos. Be sure to keep in mind what teams correspond with yours. Here is an example using another project I am working on to recreate the independent Frontier League (Go, Wild Things!!). Open your ROM in Tile Layer Pro again, and scroll down a little bit until you see the first text grouping. Before we change the graphics, we will duplicate the shared graphics by simply dragging and dropping to the empty blocks like this. Now, drag the different 2 block sets to the Tile Arranger and edit them using the Tile Editor. When you arrange them, keep in mind that the graphics you duplicated correspond with Oakland left, Detroit left, Detroit right, and Toronto left. Since there are 4 sets of scoreboard graphics, we will need to duplicate both the fill-in graphics as below (use the same order as the first set) as well as the changed graphics you made a few more times. Expanding the window will allow you to drag and drop the same graphics to these other spots. One last step: you will need to change the green to blue in the second and third set to match the rest of the groupings. Naturally, you can change the second set and just drag and drop to the third set (wish I had thought of that before. Oh, well). You have just completed your modification of Bad News Baseball!! I will be posting a couple of follow up articles, but aside from that, enjoy your new game!!
  8. Do they make becketts anymore i havent seen one in at least 20 years?
  9. RT @hburgamerican: Jeff Stockstill to be named Forrest County football coach

  10. Gg brud sorry for the dsync and thanks for finishing the game class act, my dog General Jackson apologies too. He unplugged my comp, being a clumsy old boxer.
  11. Nooooooooooooooooooo! Pint prices rise amid Brexit inflation threat Sent via @updayUK

  12. Let me first give some perspective to what DH and hurricane are attempting... 24 years ago, many many people we're being paid lots of money to put together this sophisticated production that these two are now atempting to disassemble and reprogram by themselves. The amount of work involved is without a doubt nothing short of massive. (Please dont let me discredit those who have aided and supported them!!) I have been keeping an eye on this project for the last few years since this thread appeared, and I say this to encourage the both of you- When you accomplish a final product to match your vision, the pride and achievement levels you will experience will be astronomical! And if this thread is any indication, there will be countless number of appreciative people here and beyond, that will be able to relish in your accomplishment with joy. I applaud your effort, regardless of the amount of time it takes.
  13. I get Troy in my group, who I've played in every WI tourney except for Madison in the past 3 years. Joy.
  14. Can't read my, Can't read my, No you can't read my Bombjack face B B B Bombjack face, B B B Bombjack face (hut hut hut hut) B B B Bombjack face, B B B Bombjack face
  15. I'll go back and edit some of these to make it clear these aren't "discoveries" per se, that jstout did a lot of the legwork already, more that I consult Dave. No sleight intended.
  17. Every shot you're in is a glamour shot and don't let the naysayers tell you any different.
  18. Shows up to pay tuition. Dumps out sack of 900 Pro Set Favres. "Count it, it's all there!"
  19. Dude. Let's back up and show you how to add hacks. Asking someone to add hacks to 4 ROMs is silly, especially when you have 3 completely different ROMs. Did you edit the COM juice on your own? If so, you are already mildly comfortable editing hex.
  20. Why you throwing shade at my "common cards"? lol I'll put my kid through school with 900 Farve RCs!
  21. I don't wana go :( @ Willemstad, Netherlands Antilles

  22. Would anybody be willing to put this hack in these files? It would be greatly appreciated. 1original.nes 1original_medium_difficulty.nes 2017 - Copy.nes Tecmo superhero (U) (1).nes
  23. RT @TampaBayTre: #Miami CB Corn Elder HT: 5101 WT: 179

  24. @JMillionNYC loved it.

  25. <hangs head in shame> Yeah that's a lot of common cards. I can't beat that unless you count 87-89 Topps and Donruss
  26. @gelmanbryce @XavierWoodsPhD if he can't have that endless supply of 3s I bet he crumbles like the castles in Mario world

  27. if anybody coming south wants to meet up with me in Centralia and catch a ride (you can park in Country Cousin lot), I'll charge $10 a head for gas..... want to leave from there around 8:30-9 (gets us there around 10-10:30)..... let me know! also down if anyone wants to meet up on Friday nite at my place for some prefunk
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