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  2. 9.5 is up! - SET Commands added : More NFL like QB rating value Faster fumble recovery Increase CPU kickoff length PR speed change from SS to actual PR player Buck's TSB COM Juice Setter - juice to start at week 8 juice and climb to max Faster handoffs, pitches, snaps & player control Increased Shotgun Snap Speed (Jstout) - Minor unform usage changes. - Thanks to Maverick209 for his input and testing.
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  4. ^ Chaperone Pinko is going there... To the Super Bo
  5. Blanchard winning (2/2)

  6. I liked a @YouTube video Most Satisfying Food Slime Video !!!

  7. Want the ball to travel faster. Unable to find much info on this other than -increase kickoff ball speed (maynard, bodom) any info would be appreciated
  8. RT @JasonKander: Oh man.

  9. @bombsfall scott go on chapo

  10. @doopypaws feet

  11. One week from tonight Christian and easy Thomas join me at Wunderbar Covington for Harold Mike Sizemore and the...

  12. RT @aaaaaaaaaaaronn: @CespedesBBQ Guys go a lot farther when you punch them at Coors

  13. RT @arielhelwani: Weidman: keep doubting me. I dare you.

  14. @paulscheer Chopping Mall alternate title: "Killemall Bots"

  15. Practice session went well today. Thanks for coming out. Have some up and comers. Nostradamus vs. Fair Weather. An interesting matchup too is Bears vs. Oilers. Tey it out it will make you smile.
  16. Just a Quick Update....1st @mort1237 2nd @bigmv54 3rd Tecmopsycho 4th @red98sethuthut ....
  17. RT @cycling_oli: Good day for @teamnovonordisk devo guys! Thanks all mates who sacrifice themselves to make the podium for @ulugbek_saidov…

  18. @PNCBank_Help ATM ate $25 of an attempted cash deposit. I tried to DM. Not sure if I'll get an answer.

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  20. There's no better feeling than being able to celebrate my birthday with my family. #blessed…

  21. I'll always die a bit inside when I read "the president wrote a series of angry tweets".

  22. @Kenny_Mayne @KyrieIrving Go sonics

  23. RT @barstoolsports: Me, during work: I hate my job, my life stinks. Me, after exactly one beer:

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