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  2. TECMO DALLAS – AUGUST 5TH, 2017 – DALLAS, TX Max field of 64. Double Elimination. Top finisher will have their entrance to Tecmo Madison XIV and their flight to Madison, WI paid for by LPGE & Tecmo Madison! The Let’s Play Gaming Expo will be held at the Irving Convention Center in Los Colinas. Just minutes from the DFW International Airport, with almost 100,000 square feet of meeting and exhibit space, the building’s unique architecture, vertical design, and interior finishes create a new niche in the marketplace. Ideally situated on 40 acres in the heart of Irving’s Las Colinas Urban Center with dozens of unique restaurant options for expo breaks. Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas 500 W Las Colinas Boulevard Irving, Texas 75039 To sign up, head to, Register > Attendees > click General LPGE Attendee and go through the checkout process. The TMXIV Qualifier will be on Saturday, but LPGE is a Saturday & Sunday event. Choose your ticket and be sure to tick off β€œWould you like to compete in the Tecmo Madison Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament?”. We’ll see you in Dallas on August 5th, 2017! We have some Tecmo heavyweights coming out to this event! Joeygats – Tecmo XII & XIII Champ Regulator – Tecmo X Champ @Matty Ice – Madison Elite 8 Finisher @Ones11fahzu – Madison Elite 8 Finisher @suicideking81 – Top Online Player @Nos – Top Online Player Big Hock – Top Online Player @duecethasa1nt – Top Online Player Do you have what it takes to compete? Now’s your chance, Texas!
  3. so the "march for science"....have some random thoughts....1st my quick background - I have BS and MS in electrical engineering. I have had more math and applied physics classes than anyone I know. I make a living being a scientist, working with radiography stuff. I will say that I know only the basics of biology, basically cells and chemistry, and some radiation stuff. but I have not memorized tons of shit (nomenclature) regarding biology. anyways, here goes: biology (science) says life begins at conception. biology (science) says what gender a person is. these two things are facts, scientifically verifiable and undisputed. however, current culture says we are supposed to IGNORE SCIENCE on these points, right? for these two things, regarding life and gender, our personal BELIEFS trump science. however, things that science is unable to prove or verify, things like the beginnings of the universe and/or life (evolution) - and possibly its end ("climate change") are supposed to not be questioned and taken as some kind of fact. how can a country like ours be so hypocritical regarding science? we are supposed to ignore scientific facts on one hand, and on the other hand, we are supposed to take some leap of faith regarding scientific theories and hypothesis. I hope this does not get too political, but I am talking about science, culture, and hypocrisy.
  4. It would be amazing to have for man v man games at least. wish there were two versions of every rom... a man-v-com version and a man-v-man version with 2 pt conversions... would be truly amazing
  5. wow... just WOW! (And thanks!)
  6. Back then I was actually running the run 4 reverse but the one in run 3 is a better play, especially with the rest of the motion runs in there. But it sucks having to go without the standard run 3; worth it if you have a fast wr (63+) and a slower RB (44 or maybe even 50). Getting yards / scoring TDs with the reverse is great for laughs! I had a blast gaining Sam Graddy in WTF Retro by racking up the rushing yards.
  7. Yeah you a run 3 WR reverse with Rice in HSTL effectivly. I think if that play could be in run 4 spot it would get used more.
  8. RT @TheKnicksWall: The Knicks VS. Success

  9. It sounds like Peterson is signing with the Saints. I was going to root for AD on his new team, as long as that team wasn't New Orleans.
  10. RT @CeeHawk: When your Dad went out for cigarettes 17 years ago but hears you got a full ride to a D1 school #raw

  11. RT @JetsTalkLine: #Michigan Safety Jabrill Peppers #NFLDraft Profile #NFL

  12. woke up to this know it'll be a good day! #MindYoBusinessLady

  13. RT @NCAACWS: SLAM THE DOOR! No closer has more saves than Mississippi State's Spencer Price (14)! LEADERBOARD: h…

  14. RT @GoldGloveTV: VERN IS ABOUT TO BE A PRETTY LADY! #Help1Family

  15. Packers fan living in Chicago here. Given the Packers-Bears rivalry irrelevancy over the last several years (hello, Lions and Vikings), I'm desperately hoping the Bears draft their QB-of-the-future this weekend. If the Bears select a QB on days 1 or 2 of the draft, I am buying every Bears fan in Chicago a beer.
  16. "Hernandez is survived by his fiance, Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez, and their four year-old daughter." smh
  17. It's high time the Bears're relevant again. NFL take note: without it, your ratings will flounder
  18. @jimcramer Looking at $IDXX - last (?) big stock in animal lab tech. Hate the valuation, but maybe I'm wrong? #PetLovingInvestor #MadTweets

  19. γ€Œγ‚€γƒ³γƒ—γƒƒγƒˆγ€γ¨γ€Œγ‚’γ‚¦γƒˆγƒ—γƒƒγƒˆγ€γ―ζ¬ γ‹γ›γͺい。どんγͺγ¨γγ‚‚γ€‚πŸ“βœ¨

  20. I like the Adult Swim-style interludes on @KBCWtv during Family Guy. This is why I watch it even though it's on Adult Swim at the same time.

  21. @superhappy it's blocked :(

  22. @reedmarks hope all is well buddy.....

  23. @CacaoBuddha βœ‹

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