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  3. Japanese people really big on manners, discipline and respect. They are very nice people.

  4. Applying SIM data

    I just started messing with TSB Tool to mess with the sim stats and it seems the auto updater takes only speed into account for the last two, as it considered them to be kick and punt return ability. I had a high skill RB with awful hands (think Okoye or Bo) getting 60+ catches in a season while a speedy, sure-handed receiver on the same team (think Jerry Rice) got nothing (the 32 points were used up before it got to him due to his spot on the roster). If you want a "quick" fix: what I did for RBs, was to use the same number for the reception skills (2nd) in the 4th number and then halved the 3rd number so they wouldn't get a huge yards per catch. These numbers actually ended up being pretty close to what you'll see for RBs in the original rom. For WRs, I averaged the 2nd and 3rd numbers to come up with their 4th. This resulted in very good WRs generally having a value of 12-13 and mediocre receivers being about 7-8. Teams with crap receivers will randomize many catches, which makes sense because there isn't any dominant receiver the QB would be focusing on. This resulted in the best WRs in the league generally leading the league in receptions over many simmed seasons. My trouble comes with the defense ratings. Bruce Smith in the original rom is at 127 (IIRC) for pass rush. From my understanding, the entire team cannot go above 255. This means Bruce Smith should get about half of his team's sacks. It seems that the auto updater will equally spread the pass rush numbers out based on speed. The fastest guys will have the highest value, but they won't be significantly higher than slow guys. I don't have any advice right now for quickly editing these. Is there a way to export data from TSB Tool into a spreadsheet and then import it back? I feel like there probably is, and I could edit my stuff a lot faster in Excel.
  5. Wayne, NJ - 05/19/18 - The Jersey Cup

    One more door prize I forgot to post, I call it "Haddix Island". Comes matted with a creamsicle orange frame.
  6. TecmoPress - Live Tournament Manager

    Double elim starting to take shape.
  7. Go to "View" from the toolbar and select "Show Colors". They will show up underneath the playbook info for each team. Double click anywhere within the color info.
  8. RT @KaniJJackson: Michael Flynn (convicted felon) gets a standing ovation at a republican fundraising event. Andrew McCabe (defended Ameri…

  9. Right on! Tenn is beautiful. I love it there. We'd love to have you come out. If you have any questions or need any help signing up, you can text us at (608) 572-7857.
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  11. I think nearly everyone is at the BW Inntowner listed on the site --> https://tecmomadison.com/tecmo-madison-xiv/hotels/ The block sold out but I have a call tomorrow to try and get more spots.
  12. Hey bud thanks for replying! I’m actually living right now in East Tennessee near Knoxville.
  13. RT @Catenacciari: FYI "For a better America" PAC is calling people to say they are raising money for "Law Enforcement officers" . Be very w…

  14. The most TDs w/ no INTs?

    Yeah, started a Everett *and Wilhelm* season, before you posted. He's flippin' that thing around the yard
  15. RT @DinosaurDracula: you could make a solid argument that humanity peaked with the introduction of mcdonald's food robot things https://t.c…

  16. Hey Everyone in Tecmo World, Is anyone staying at the Best Western? Tried to get the Hilton and it was booked. Great Googly Boogly. Should be a great weekend. SammieSmith33
  17. For years, this has been the ultimate challenge to me with every Tecmo game. I want to try and win a SB with every last team. These days I mostly stick to TSB 2, but I still play this one as well as TSB 3 a lot. I've had some ups and downs in my journeys with all the teams. IMO the beautiful thing about these old games is that every team is truly unique with their own playbook and style of play that it truly is a personal experience to use every team. It's why I like to do full seasons playing every single game of the week. Through doing that over the years, I've learned the teams inside and out through these games. This game has an advantage over TSB 2 and TSB 3 being that you don't have to worry about defensive injuries or really adjusting defense. Those games have advanced defense, so it makes learning the teams a lot different with the formations and backup players. Anyways, here's how my journey has went so far with all the teams. Bills - 1 try. This was easy, even with playing the Oilers in the playoffs. I drew Dallas in the SB and crushed them 31-14. Colts - 1 try (extremely lucky and very frustrating. I could write in length how crazy this season was and the SB was easily the hardest one I've ever had vs the Cowboys). Dolphins - Not attempted yet Patriots - Not attempted yet Jets - 4 tries. I kept losing to Buffalo in the playoffs but when I finally did reach the SB I got to play the Eagles. The COM stupidly went pass happy with Cunningham and I won 21-7. Bengals - Not attempted yet but I want to cause I know how bad David Klinger is. He alone will make this a challenge worthwhile. Browns - 5 tries. Ohhhh my god...this was the hardest one yet. It took 4 tries to even get them to the SB and then a heart breaking loss to the 49ers. I beat them in the SB the next season. Oilers - 2 tries. It's really difficult to maintain a good run game with Houston, but if you can do it, it makes the ride easier. Steelers - Not attempted yet Broncos - Not attempted yet Chiefs - Incomplete. Out of 3 tries, they either lose to Buffalo in the playoffs, or the one time i made the SB, they got crushed by the 49ers. Raiders - Not attempted yet Chargers - Incomplete, 3 tries. I love this defense and I love Marion Butts, but I can't stand Stan Humphries. I always go with Friez and he isn't much better. Seahawks - Not attempted yet. This one will probably be the ultimate challenge though since their offense is so god awful. Cowboys - 1 try. Don't even have to go into details, since this is the best all around team in the whole game. I even went 15-1 with them. Redskins - Incomplete, 3 tries. I've gotten them to the NFCCG twice where they lost to Dallas and the 49ers. Another time they got blown out to Green Bay in the divisional round. Eagles - 3 tries and wow, this was quite a challenge. Had to face Dallas AND the 49ers in the playoffs before rolling a Dolphins team who posed no threat. Cardinals - Not attempted yet. Giants - Not attempted yet Bears - Not attempted yet. Lions - Incomplete, 3 tries. It's taken me a lot of practice but I've figured out how to use their defense. NFC is brutal and usually is why they don't go far in the playoffs. Packers - Incomplete, 3 tries. If it weren't for Favre and Reggie White, this would be one of the worst teams in the game. Try running the ball with them and you'll see what I mean. Vikings - Not attempted yet. Buccaneers - 2 tries. First time I lost in an upset to the Oilers in the SB. The second time, I beat the ever loving crap out of the Dolphins for my biggest SB blow out ever - 41-14 DeBerg MVP 49ers - 3 tries. This offense is so easy to score with but there are times when the defense is a problem. Needless to say, Dallas stopped me in the playoffs my first two tries. Rams - 2 tries. First time, lost the SB to Buffalo. Second try, I came back from a 14-3 deficit and mostly won due to Thurman Thomas getting injured and a fumble return for a TD. Saints - Incomplete. 4 tries. The most one dimensional good team in the whole game. The defense alone took me to the NFCCG and I always lose cause Wade Wilson is blah. Falcons - Incomplete. 2 tries. I like the Falcons offense a lot in this game, but Dallas just destroys me in the playoffs. Maybe some day.
  18. Tecmo Super Bowl 1

    This would be a dream come true. And if it could work on TSB 3, I think we'd see a lot of people busy replicating recent years into ROMs.
  19. The most TDs w/ no INTs?

    Wow, great stuff everyone. I sometimes play the SNES versions trying to do this. It's cool to see Jim Everett getting some love. He's one of my favorite Tecmo quarterbacks. He always blesses me with great luck when I use the Rams.
  20. Raiders vs 49ers Super Bowl tips?

    Great advice by everyone. I don't know how you are playing defense, but I usually always select running plays on defense.....except when playing the 49ers or Dolphins. The Niners and Dolphins are the two main teams in this game who usually pass more often than not, so it's safer to try and guess which pass play the CPU is going to select. This can help you when playing either of them, since you are going to want those moments where you get the blitz rush from guessing their play accurately.
  21. NFL 2018-2019 Season Discussion

    Here's to hoping the Saints don't fuck up everything from last season's success. Knowing their history in the Sean Payton era how they follow up winning seasons by going 7-9, I'm just praying that this isn't another year of Drew Brees' career wasted. R.I.P. Tom Benson. He leaves behind a rather complicated history in New Orleans. The SB win really changed everything with how he was viewed by pretty much everyone. The biggest issue is almost moving the team to San Antonio in the wake of Katrina. He did the right thing by keeping the team here, as well as rebuilding the Superdome after it's massive damage. I'm praying I never have to witness seeing the Saints move in my lifetime, cause it would be the one thing to make me give up the NFL all together. I remember back in the day, Benson used to be criticized and labeled a cheap owner. During the 90's, this was the reaction to how quickly the Dome Patrol defense was ripped apart in free agency and due to the lack of any splash signings on offense (This isn't even technically true, because they did sign Michael Haynes and Jim Everett, which everyone forgets about here cause they didn't work out). The major criticisms came with Sam Mills' departure and how badly that was handled by the organization. Mills said that he wanted to stay in New Orleans but felt unwanted when they didn't offer him a contract, and only did so after the Panthers offered him something. Today, Mills has a statue in Carolina and is seen as a hero to that organization (please for the love of everything, get this man in the Hall of Fame. My favorite Saints player back in my childhood, R.I.P.) The SB win really changed everything for his legacy here. Probably the best thing he did after that was buying the NBA team and then trying to get the rights to the old Jazz name back. Though he failed with the name, he did at least make sure we'd have an NBA team here along with our Saints. R.I.P.
  22. RT @jbillinson: Sister Jean thrives on the tears of young Tennessee fans https://t.co/Q9bRBz9HJN

  23. RT @God_Loved: Scared? Pray. Over thinking? Pray. Losing hope? Pray. Worried? Pray. Struggling? Pray. Pray and Trust in God. Please Retwee…

  24. @GeorgeFoster72 @phontigallo I've never had spaghetti at a cook out. Is that normal? Never heard that in Texas.

  25. Change Jersey Colors

    I got it! Thank you for the guidance
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