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  2. 1983 St. Louis Cardinals For: Tru Portlanders Nor For: Serious Contenders Power Rank: 26 BURP: 12 This squad was chosen in case anyone wanted to roll with Lake Oswego High and Portland State legend Neil Lomax. Big Neil led plenty of nice offenses for the Cards throughout the 80s. '83 was Lomax' 3rd year. Roy Green was a force at WR. Otis (O.J.) Anderson and Stump Mitchell provided a dynamic ground attack and the defense was QB hungry, leading the league with 59 sacks. Despite finishing the season strong with wins over the Giants, Raiders, and Eagles, St. Louis would finish 8-7-1 and a half game out of a playoff berth. Five years later they were in the desert. Scouting Report These team was basically selected as a kind of a fun also-ran, but are perhaps a little tougher then their 8-7-1 record and the forgettable nature of the St. Louis Cardinals would indicate. It should be mentioned that they had two juggernauts in their division, the Redskins and Cowboys, who served the Cards up 4 losses right there. Bruddog's metric, which weighs heavily toward each team's top QB, RB, and WR loves the Cards and its easy to see why. The secondary is a weak sauce overall, but Lionel Washington, who notched 8 Ints that season, is quality and there are a handful of dynamic players in the front seven. Al "Bubba" Baker, the leader of the D, is a forgotten star of his era and a sad shell of his former self by the time he wrapped up his career with the Browns humpy defense in time for the orginal TSB. Perhaps I am having trouble getting around the stigma of this franchise, but I can't imagine they are really in the tier of these other loaded teams. 2005 Cincinnati Bengals For: End Zone Celebrators Not For: Dynamic Defenders Power Rank: 25 BURP: 18 After a rookie season begun as Tacoma native Jon Kitna's backup, Carson Palmer took the reigns completely in 2005, his 3rd season, and the Bengals offense took off. Rudi Johnson was a force running the ball and T.J. Houschmanzode (Championship) provided steady production, but at the center of it all was Chad Johnson who notched 1,432 yards receiving with 9 memorable excursions to paydirt. Hopes were high as the Who Dey boys hosted Pittsburgh at Paul Brown Stadium in the first Bengals playoff game since 1988, but dreams fell to dust when Kimo Von Oelhoffen went low on Carson Palmer and ripped his knee to shreds. Sadly, the Carson Palmer era in Cincinnati would never reach higher heights and the dirty dirty Steelers would go on to claim another Superbowl. Scouting Report This offense could certainly hum with important players in the right spots. This is why the BURP likes the Who Deys so much. Deltha O"Neal had a big year at CB. Tory James was solid at the other spot. The only issue here is just a lack of depth. Aside from Chad, Rudi, and T.J., there is not much in Palmer's arsenal. Defensively, its just pretty weak overall. It should be mentioned that the OL is excellent and Shayne Graham was a money kicker. This Bengals team was perhaps chosen to reflect this franchise's position in the historical hierarchy. They were not designed to be picked, but if you went with CHAD and friends, it might not be a total disaster. ... Keep it locked here for more rankings and breakdowns!
  3. Blocking during QB Scrambles

    Any thoughts on this one? Surprised this wasn't brought up that much.
  4. End of Quarter/half stats page hack

    Got it. Not really worth the effort. Thanks!
  5. Overthrow Bug Fix Question

    Thanks bruddog. everything seems to be running fine. What exactly am I supposed to be seeing in the gameplay with this change?
  6. I suppose I should probably make this rom available to look at. Message me if you have problems accessing it. Greats.nes
  7. @smashingt At this point I'm convinced the Republican party wants to go back to being the minority that can just ye… https://t.co/9vNfS2pygX

  8. RT @CliftonsNotes: Hey millennials—we need to be a generation that knows the difference between science and pseudoscience *better* than our…

  9. It would be more extensive than just changing one byte. You'd have to create a new scene or have it do multiple scenes.
  10. Overthrow Bug Fix Question

    Yes you will have to change the 4CF0BF to 4C60B0 if you move it to 2BF70.
  11. How do you change the CPU difficulty?

    No the first setting is for 0-0 or preseason. The last setting is for 16-0 Looks like what you did will work.

  13. RT @SheaSerrano: it only took like 4 movies for Dominic Toretto to go from stealing DVD players to being a global player worth millions of…

  14. Wayne, NJ - 05/19/18 - The Jersey Cup

    Exactly 4 months away! Updates coming soon.
  15. How do you change the CPU difficulty?

    Hey, Bruddog, I'm not sure if I understand how this works. See below for example... If I were to copy and paste the juice codes (starting with x1DF1A) so that a 2-0 win/loss record will begin at week 1, and then copy and paste the last five hexes so that 16 wins are the same as 14, will a 14 game schedule play like it was a 16 game schedule? Or will this setting mess with the game later in the season? Also, the last five hexes (03 04 06 09 09), is that the difficulty setting for playoff games? I didn't see anyone here mention that they are. Please advise. example:
  16. @Sportsnet Cool story. Sidney Crosby is working on 10+. Oh, and...🏆🏆🏆 #1975

  17. RT @LibertarianBlue: This is correct, but it's worth noting that online threats / abuse are virtually always exaggerated by the left & the…

  18. Just ate the most depressing orange chicken ever :(

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  20. Finishing The Glass Staircase - AcesCraft - Minecraft - TheeAgentSmith - A.C.E.S.: https://t.co/uvznAbo6Bg via @YouTube

  21. RT @Stevie_B12: Imagine being Case Keenum at the linc on Sunday. 7pm. Dark. With 50 thousand fans going absolutely nuts wearing dog masks.…

  22. Okay so I thought I would introduce the 28 teams in a fun way. I'm going to count them down by my own assessment of where they should be selected, with #1 being the biggest juggernaut of the group. To balance with my own rankings, which are largely based on a vibe, I am also providing some empirical analysis from @bruddog which will be represented by the Bruddog Ultimate Rating Page or BURP number. Lets get into the first couple, chosen due to their potentially unique weapons at QB. 2011 Denver Broncos For: The devout. Not For: The practical. Power Rank: 28 BURP: 27 In the waning days of a lost 2010 campaign, Denver gave the reigns to rookie QB and college football GOAT Tim Tebow. He sparked the team and led them to a respectable finish. In 2011, new head coach John Fox looked to veteran Kyle Orton to lead the Broncs. After a 1-4 start and overwhelming outcry from the fans, Fox was forced to scrap the gameplan and let Jesus take the wheel with Tebow. The Broncos then miraculously went on a 7-1 run with several famous close shave victories, often with clutch kicks by Matt Prater. They dropped their last 3 but still somehow got into the playoffs at 8-8. Given no chance hosting the venerable Steelers in the first round, Tim Tebow had one last surprise, serving up a strike to Demaryius Thomas, who took the first play of OT 80 yards for the win. The following week they were dismantled by the Brady and the Patriots. In the off-season, Peyton Manning chose to sign with Denver and Tebow was dealt to the Jets. He never got another chance to lead a team and finishes his career record at 8-6. Not saying he was good, but maybe throwing is only part of what makes a good QB. Scouting Report Meet the only QB in the history of Tecmo who might just bowl over some schmo. What else? Well, Willis McGahee is a strong RB. The targets are a little thin with future stud WRs Demaryius Thomas in his injury-delayed rookie season and Eric Decker in his 1st season as a starter. The defense is led by two legendary DBs- Brian Dawkins in his final season and Champ Bailey in the 3rd to last season of his long incredible career. Elvis Dumervil was at the height of his terror-inducing pass rushing in 2011. Von Miller was just a rookie, but still got 11.5 sacks. If you are an old school Denver fan who enjoyed wreaking havoc with Simon Fletcher at the LB4 spot, Miller should do the trick for ya. A couple noticeably poor players pepper what, in the end, is an average overall defense. This team is not so bad that they could not pull off a win, but if you are picking them you are taking a leap of faith. 2004 Atlanta Falcons For: Fans of QB Eagles Not For: Fans of QB pockets Power Rank: 27 BURP: 28 This is perhaps the most memorable Madden team of all-time. QB Eagles had set the stage for cheap video game yardage accumulation, but after he went down with multiple injuries, robbing him of his ridiculous running ability, there were not too many dynamic speedster signal-callers throughout the 90s. Michael Vick was not only capable of getting some nice chunks of yards in the open field, he was one of the fastest players in the whole league. Oh yeah, and he had a rocket launcher for an arm. After missing most of 2003 to injury, 2004 is the year it came together for Vick and the Falcons as they went 11-5 then smashed the St. Louis Rams in the playoffs, before losing in the Conference Championship. Vick ended up breaking Cunningham's QB rushing record, finishing with 902 yards on the ground. With Warrick Dunn and TJ Duckett also in the mix, Atlanta led the NFL in rushing. Scouting Report The defense is just not that good.Keith Brooking and Patrick Kerney are strong players. Rookie DeAngelo Hall saves the secondary from being a complete mess, but manning bottom corners is tough in TSB. Someone could absolutely bring some ruckus with this team with RBs Warrick Dunn and TJ Duckett giving the offense some balance. Aside from TE Alge Crumpler, the receiving core sucks. Brian Finneran, whose 99 jump rating made him an unstoppable glitch bitch on Madden is joined by every other player in the game with that ability here. He does, however, get a solid for a WR 25 hitting power to reflect his largeness. That's somethin. You can probably create enough headaches with Vick to move the chains on offense, but you better have a gameplan with this D if you want to roll with the Dirty Birds. ... Keep it locked here to learn about the other 26 squads!
  23. @1053SS Something new about this?

  24. RT @chris_ryall: 📷 Celebrating 25 years of brilliant nuttiness, we’re very happy to finally announce a special IDW... https://t.co/MBPwOXxL…

  25. @IncubateLV https://t.co/fcp3QNSaQn

  26. If I don't have space at the exact location as Bruddog stated below for 0x29DBC, can I just input it somewhere else, say 0x2BF70 ? I have plenty of room from this point on. at 0x29DBC (assuming you have space the the 2BF40-2C00F) section SET(0x29DBC, 0x4CFOBF) JMP $BFF0 ; jump to 0x2C000 in rom SET(0x2C000, 0x20319E203D9E4CAF9D) JSR $9E31 ; checks for pass result already we wrote over this above so need to run the routine JSR $9E3D ; loads PC into $DC and PC + REC into $DD JMP $9DAF ; return to the location after the jump instruction The location to jump to will have to be changed if there is something there. That section is used for a lot of the grapple hacks and some other jstout hacks so for other roms I'd probably have to post a bank switch routine.
  27. @BruceFeldmanCFB I remember him from my Athlon ncaa cover in the mid 90s. Bought it every year. U dub LB no?

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