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  2. ROM is posted and seeding is below. Please make sure to record and I will post full length videos. You can comment on the videos after they are up. Please don't post the states until I tell you to. However, KEEP THE STATE so you can post it when I give the OK. The deadline is by Friday morning at 9 AM EST. Feel free to communicate if you are streaming your game. Good luck everyone! AFC Playoffs 1. New England Patriots (13-3) -- LuckyTool 2. Los Angeles Raiders (11-4) -- Ziur 3. Houston Oilers (11-5) -- Stalltalk 4. Indianapolis Colts (10-5) -- MattyD 5. San Dietgo Chargers (9-7) -- Gamehigh 6. Pittsburgh Steelers (9-7) -- Flash AFC Wild Card Playoff Matchups (6) Pittsburgh Steelers @ (3) Houston Oilers (5) San Diego Chargers @ (4) Indianapolis Colts NFC Playoffs 1. Dallas Cowboys (13-1-1) -- Nos 2. Philadelphia Eagles (13-3) -- Daboy 3. Green Bay Packers (13-3) -- Dolo 4. Atlanta Falcons (11-4-1) -- Prime 5. Minnesota Vikings (11-5) -- Vikingmoe 6. Los Angeles Rams (9-7) -- Suicideking NFC Wild Card Playoff Matchups (6) Los Angeles Rams @ (3) Green Bay Packers (5) Minnesota Vikings @ (4) Atlanta Falcons
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  4. @VERTiiGOGAMING I really likes the mafia RP

  5. I'm all for it @GameHigh but it's a lot of work to set up and would delay the start of the next season ... Totally willing to do this for S41 ... @War Machine has already expressed interest in doing this with me ... the more help the merrier
  6. Chilling with abuelo let me get my Spanglish on lol

  7. X_____X still can't believe this move made the OTackle fly.

  8. Bills owners Terry and Kim Pegula have gone on a firing spree, firing the GM and the entire scouting department. Only the coaches are safe.
  9. RT @Zrowable: Not taking any chances

  10. RT @CR_Morgan: This might be the darkest show Netflix has ever streamed.

  11. Ferrari básicamente va a aplicarle el undercut a Vettel por andar esperando un SC

  12. @thestorialist 😂

  13. 12 people followed me and 2 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by

  14. Hitting time!!! #BobMarley #WakeUpAndLive #neworleans #JazzFest2017 @ One Eyed Jacks

  15. Bruhhhhhhh you cannot strike out there. Sacks jacked 13th inning one out and you had it 3-1! Brutal.

  16. RT @luvLAClippers: Dear #ClipperNation, Please cheer when we're down and not just when we're up. Chant "DEFENSE" like you've never done be…

  17. RT @Benstonium: GIF: Kessel goal #2

  18. RT @ZeddRebel: Literal skinhead nazis at Trump's rally. The rally he's having because he thinks the WHCA is too mean to him.…

  19. Post-tournament Dirty Frank's and 16-bit Arcade last year was awesome. Maybe we'll make it Tatoheads and Old North Arcade this year. Dawn rules.
  20. @mauroranallo @anthonyfjoshua @Klitschko I just watched the Klitschko joshua fight. I miss hearing your voice on Sm…

  21. @ElyseBee @Gremstitel Oh, excuse me...your whiny tweets invaded my search for "pens steps."

  22. @RyanSchuiling Freddie all time, Cornell in the past 30 years. Steve Perry may be all time if he didn't walk away. All great choices.

  23. @aaronwest80 @frankeinhardt @xoxosofibeauty @AiRomano @LuckGoat @jhdawin @PrimeBronny @jonnieboy4life @21Saddness…

  24. Also I guess I'll be tweeting more right now since some brainwashed individual or Kike got me locked out of FB on a @BreitbartNews post

  25. RT @BleacherReport: 🗣 "28-3" -John Wall to Julio Jones, probably

  26. RT @edsbs: Age 20: I think the ideal amount of money is $12 mil Age 40: I want to die soon with $800 hidden in an ice cream carton in my f…

  27. Me gustó un video de @YouTube INCREIBLE - Gol del Conejo Perez en el Pachuca vs Cruz Azul 2-2 2017

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