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  2. bigjim28

    Hardball 5

    Glad to see a few still out there! Here is a start of 2018 update for the best game of all time. Astros and Rockies are in a different file because this game is so sold it was before expansion before the Devils Rays and Diamondbacks even existed! 2018.lgd
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  4. gojiphen malor

    (NES) Goji's NFL Tecmo Super Bowl LIII (BETA 0.7)

    Once you press START, there is no going back lol
  5. ~Tailback King~

    Best GIFs

    Best GIF of the ALL~TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thread {OFFICIALLY} revived.
  6. Bolt

    (NES) Goji's NFL Tecmo Super Bowl LIII (BETA 0.7)

    legion of baby-backs I tried pressing Start, for the first time: It's AS ADVERTISED.
  7. gojiphen malor

    (NES) Goji's NFL Tecmo Super Bowl LIII (BETA 0.7)

    He's looking like a week 1 starter. Was a tough decision to put Darnold on hold for now, so i could save room for more baby-back ribs
  8. Bolt

    (NES) Goji's NFL Tecmo Super Bowl LIII (BETA 0.7)

    I could go for some baby back ribs, and a bottle of Dom Pérignon with this one (hold the drinks, waiter; it's just for status, and popping bubbly once I whoop-up on that ass) All Hail the BRIDGE!!! Packers sign 'im. That's major rad. Marcedes ain't allowed to cross that bridge this Fall, though... or he'll end up in the drink!
  9. ~Tailback King~

    Phoenix, AZ - 8/11/2018 - Tecmo Phoenix

    This is Tecmo PHX.......??????? You might wanna use the key word "Johnny Johnson" somewhere in your Tournament ad. It might attract more interest. Sincerely, ~T.B.K.
  10. Bolt

    MUSIC - Share Your Favorites! - Friday Jams

    Do you all miss Atlantis?
  11. Bolt

    Best GIFs

  12. Ghost

    Original Tecmo Bowl Editing?

    Well if you go to Downloads it looks like it's been done. I haven't done it myself, I'll take a crack at it when I get a chance in the mean time maybe contact some of folks that made the roms posted.
  13. gojiphen malor

    (NES) Goji's NFL Tecmo Super Bowl LIII (BETA 0.7)

    Goji's NFL Tecmo Super Bowl LIII (Beta 0.7) is up! *Gameplay -Ball control rating adjustments -Kicker and punter rating scale adjustments *Rosters 5/25/18 -Player rating scale adjustments -More accurate depth charts -Players added : Dolphins - RB, kalen BALLAGE Jets - QB, t. BRIDGEWATER Browns - RB, duke JOHNSON Colts - RB, nyheim HINES Chargers - TE, braedon BOWMAN Lions - RB, k. JOHNSON Packers - TE, marcedes LEWIS Saints - QB, tom SAVAGE, WR, c. MEREDITH Panthers - TE, ian THOMAS
  14. Any chance the result ever got posted anywhere? I'm very proud of my one win.
  15. RetroNathan

    Green Bay, WI - 01/26/19 - Tundra Bowl VI

    BIG announcement regarding Tundra Bowl VI - check it out HERE! Also, Early Bird Registration is on NOW for Tundra Bowl VI...and only through Memorial Day (ends at 9:00pm CST Monday)! Not only do you save $5 on either registration, you are entered to win an Arizona Cardinals Media Guide, or a 1991 Andre Rison Starting Lineup! Check out www.tundrabowl.com/registration for all the details, or view the video above and REGISTER TODAY!
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  17. and the plan is... THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING!
  18. ~Tailback King~

    Tacoma, WA - 07/28/18 - Cascadia Effin' Tecmo Season 2

    ^^^WOW.......Just WOW...............with the way the teams are, with the way this new format will take the TECMO gaming experience world wide to a whole new level, the personality's, the alcohol, the not just good but GREAT maria~juanita the NW has to offer, and the absolutely {Legendary} accolades the winner of this once in a life-time, pioneering, undeniably catastrophic event will receive,..it's gonna be an event even if you aren't currently a TSB fan, will be worth tuning into. I could eazily see fingers, thumbs, limbs, eyes, ears, noses, confidence, and pride being lost and shattered at this event........... .............it's gonna get REAL. I just hope the rest of the competition can take it. (p.s. This ain't gonna be yo grandfathers Tecmobowl)
  19. Here goes #Lewis Conference with predicted seeds... See previous post for important playoff and tiebreak and bracket info. #Lewis Conference (with projected seeds) 1. Kansas City Chiefs : Owner : @manYo720 aka madmanyo360 aka manyo aka Blue Luigi - I got one word for the reason the Chiefs are projected to be top seed, and manyo has already got it trending in the tborg and twittersphere... unstoppaBo . Right after Sir Ted laid the Montana Boom on the league, adding Cool Joe to a list of STUD QBs drafted in the first round including Marino and QB Browns, Manyo splooged all over his discord as he typed in the 2 letters signifying his impending dominance of the CFT. BO... The BO BOOM! Not only adding the inimitable Bo Jackson to his CHEEFS roster, but also Marcus Allen, a veritable 2 way threat that will stretch the field when Bo doesn't get the totes. After that amazing 1st pick, it remained to be seen how Manyo would craft a team around Bo, and crafty he was. In round 2, Manyo went Big Swinging Dick Dick all over the CFT landscape, selecting the Oilers DBs. Bo and Dick Dick on the same squad??? Watch out CFT! The craftiness that ensued is sure to incite self doubt in most CHEEF opponents. The Chiefs boast Bubby as the gunslinger, combined with the Steelers WR/TEs, it's not that imposing, but Marcus is out there, and while 25PC to 31REC is gonna rear its ugly head... I predict it will hit here often enough to keep defenses on their heels as they try to account for Bo and his jangles. The sneaky great pick here though, is that Cincy OL, which will keep Bo and Bubby clean enough for them to inflict their pain. And don't forget Eric Green, the largest deep threat in the league at 6'-5" and 274 pounds. To add to the Dick Dick Defense plan, Kansas City has a couple of relatively speedy options at DL and the Ruf and his Portermen including the Tezmanian Devil. Let's get real though, Bo Knows. And Bo Goes. The only thing that can stop this Chiefs offense are the Tecmo Gods. Will they favor Bo with the health he was not afforded in real life? Will they show that PC + REC is just a number when it comes to making the open Bubby strike connect? Tune in July 28 and find out. Bottom Line : Bo Dickley gonna be shouting at the victory confirming Blue Recap Screens "You Can't Judge a Bo Book by Its Cover" and "Hey. Bo Dickley!" followed with "I'm a Man!" as he "Brings it (Home) to Jerome". Watch out #Lewis conference... There's gonna be a reckoning. Best Asset : Bo Bo Bo BO BO BO BO BO BO! OFFSET BO with CINCY ROAD GRADERS!!!! Worst Liability: Depth, Drops and Injuries. Will Bo stay away from the injury bug. Will Bubby be a Blister in the Sun rather than a Brister on the Run? Is Doink going to be the CHEEF curse word of the CFT 2 season? 2. Los Angeles Raiders : Owner : @XtraLargent aka Donkey Tales aka Donkey Dee - The Raiders are looking to improve upon their 3rd place finish in the inaugural season of CFT, and this squad looks like it will give Donkey Dee a great shot at it. While the Raiders started their CFT 2 draft with Kenny O with a little Eason on the side, the real splash came all the way in the 4th round with another epic Splooge Selection, as he typed in the pick of the San Fran WRs. O'Brien to Jerry, John and Brent is gonna suck for a lot of CFT opponents in season 2. To top that off, the defense is legit. With tons of versatility which can be crucial in the CFT crucible, the Raiders boast the likes of Reggie White, The Dome Patrol, and Eddie Friggin Anderson. Speed and power reign supreme here. The Raiders DBs might lack in INT rating, but Eddie's 50 INT along with his speed and hitting is gonna be a terror, while Reggie, Rickey, Vaughan, Pat and Sam are all throwing their bodies around causing a genuine ruckus for opposing offenses. XL has got the type of team that will serve his skills well, and even the MIA RBs drafted could provide some conditions boosts with the inevitable love that comes in a full season with three different 38ms RBs. Watch out if Tony Paige goes into eGGcellent! There's a lot of popcorn to be had in the defenses in this league. Bottom Line: XtraLargent is gonna continue his seasonal improvement with this squad. After a stellar season 1, the Raiders with this lineup are looking at battling the Chiefs for the top seed in the #Lewis conference. Best Asset: Jerry is so Very Worst Liability : The running game is meh. Conditions can change that. Be advised.... 3. Cincinnati Bengals : Owner : @Tick aka White Tick - Tecmo fortunes were hard to come by for the Bengals in CFT's inaugural non zero season 1. After winning season 0, the Bengals employed the multitalented and multifaceted Johnny Johnson as well as Joey Browner. Unfortunately for the Cincinnati denizens and Tick himself, he also employed BJ Tolliver. Tolliver was able to throw 10 TDs, but also had 13 interceptions (BJ does often suck tecmo dick) and the tecmo luck on top of that just screwed the Bengals season 1 chances. It is a new season however, and with it, Tick has a nicely balanced team that will have a chance to compete for that coveted bye in the playoff bracket. Steve DeBerg leads the charge with Andre Reed and James Lofton his primary targets. Mike Rozier adds another weapon to the arsenal on the ground. And paving the way for that offense is the best OL that CFT Cap money could buy... or draft? The MIA OL. The anti sieve. On defense, Tick again will employ Louis Oliver and Jarvis Williams. Charles Mann will do some damage up front and give Tick a viable option to man up a DL if needed. But the secret sauce that makes all of this work for this team, taking it from nicely constructed to finely constructed, is one LB Jessie Tuggle. The TUGGLE is REAL FOLKS! The Legend of Jessie Tuggle in CFT is just beginning to grow, but already Tuggle is a sure fire CFT Hall of Famer. And the perfect kick to add to the whole mish mosh of ingredients? The one that will tip the Tecmo Gods assistance in their favor???... The Kicker and Punter squad that was created in Cincy. Not Avail. There's got to be some magic that is derived from that direct offering to the tecmo gods, which will bless us all with an homage to those battles amidst the CFT season 0 where full squads of Not Avail players battled it out in epic fashion. Bottom Line: The Bengals will be looking to bounce back from a dreadful season 1, including an epic playoff loss in OT to the Seahawks (in which the Bengals actually benefitted from @DT. botching up the double elim bracket... more on that later). A Balanced Bengals squad looks likely to battle for a bye in the 1st round of the playoffs. Best Assets: Jessie Tuggle and Not Avails Worst Liability: Is there one? 4. Phoenix Cardinals : Owner @~Tailback King~ aka Rudi! aka Donkey Dum aka Da Rida aka Bringer of Portland Heat - The one and only Rudy TBK will be joining the CFT for the first time in Season 2. And of course, he's bringing along his Johnny. Johnny Johnson that is. The man has no limits on what he can do on the tecmo gridiron. He can run. He can pass. He can decoy! And no one gets the rest of his teammates fired up on the tecmo sidelines like JJ as well (just another undocumented, until now, Hidden Stat of Johnny). Now TBK gets to showcase Johnny J's skills with a COMPLETE SQUAD AROUND HIM. Let's take out the PHX OL and throw in, um... THE HOGS! Let's get the Marky Mark brothers, Clayton and Duper, in to replace Roy Green and Ernie MuthaPhukka Jones. Let's get Jim Jensen in there to replace RiGGy Proehl with more speed and power to go with that sweet sweet 69 REC. Oh and let's roll out the LVP, Troy FRIGGIN ACHEMAN in there for Rosey the Givether. He's still got his Lonnie. He's still got his Timmy MAC! He even got the Iconic Jacob Green and Johnny's not as well known brother Mike holding the 2nd level down at LB3. THE WORLD IS ABOUT TO WITNESS WHAT JOHNNY CAN REALLY DO IN THE HANDS OF RUDY THE TAILBACK KING! Unfortunately, we have yet to see Rudy display elite level passing skills. Is it because of the PHX OL and QBs? Or is it Rudy. Either way, I'm reserving the right to shoot the Cardinals higher up this list until we see Rudy's passing skills equal Johnny Johnson's Tecmo Skillz. Bottom Line: Will Da Rida unleash the TRUE POWER of one JOHNNY JOHNSON for all the world to behold? Leading to CFT dominance and the coveted first PNW TITLE of any non consolation kind for TBK? Either way, the Donkey Bowl, Cards vs Raiders has GOT to be must see and hear TV. Best Asset: Johnny Johnny Johnny Johnny and Johnny. And all his stats, hidden and otherwise. Worst Liability: TBK passing skillz... Will he prove me wrong? I don't doubt he can... but WILL HE? 5. Dallas Cowboys : Owner : kamphuna8 aka turbohuna4eva! aka kamp da TRAMP - Dallas is looking for a repeat of the MaJJik that was season 1, but with the MaJJik gone, and Hugh Millen Nation in its place, this season looks to be a bit of a grind. The Cowboys saved their splooge for the Mr. Irrelevant pick, in which there was some premature e-draft speculation, as a couple of CFT comrades were informed before the actual pick was made that yes indeed, the services of the NY Giants Linebacker Wrecking Crew would be wearing CFT Cowboy Blue for season 2. LT is gonna be a monster, let's face it. He will threaten every XP and FG kick. He will get some sneaky "I didn't know he was there" sacks as the qb will be looking downfield and then all of a sudden you hear the whistle and LT is standing over your prone quarterback, lifting the leg in that internationally known dog relief pose... The rest of the LB crew are forces in their own right. Holding down the middle dives is Carl Banks. Bringing extra heat from the LB2 spot is Pepper Johnson. And the not so secrete weapon at LB3, we have 63 Reasons to believe that Gary can make a difference in affecting the opposing passing games. Those guys are gonna join forces with the baddest DL in the land, with Howie Long, Greg Townsend and Bob Golic. That front 7 is gonna present some problems for some teams in the CFT in season 2. Unfortunately, many of the teams that you see above Dallas on the projected finish have the kryptonite needed to alter the potential disruptive forces of the front 7... a STUD OL. On the Back end, the speedy yet butterfingered corner Nate Odomes can fly around the airways, and both safeties Mark "Twiggy" Kelso and Kirby Jackson have some wheels and some hands, but not a whole lot of either. On offense, the Cowboys are going to start Hugh Millen over Chris Miller (Dawgs > Ducks always and forever) and then play the conditions. There is not a whole lot of innate speed for Dallas on offense, with Dalton Hilliard being the only player above 44ms in average. But the Cowboys have four other players with 44ms in average including JJ NovaCCek and the PL88MAKER, with a 38ms KMart and a 94HP Ironhead to add to the arsenal. Conditions and favor curried by the tecmo gods will play a large role in how successful this Cowboys offense can be. Bottom Line: The best front 7 that can possibly be assembled will still need the mediocre secondary and offense to play above their stats (or curry favor from the tecmo gods) in order to repeat, which is a tall order. One should never "expect" love from the tecmo deities. I do not. Definitely a FUN team for me to play with, but perhaps not the best constructed team as offense >>> defense when it comes to what you need in tecmo. Heavy in defense and Special teams will only get you so far when you don't have that offensive Speed... Best Asset: LT LT LT LT LT LT LT Worst Liability: Ho hum secondary and offense. 6. Atlanta Falcons : Owner : @DT. aka DT From BTown land of the Bremelos - You might be surprised to see the top 2 finishers in CFT season 1 projected to battle for the last 2 playoff spots in their respective conferences. Well, I am a bit too, but after looking over the rosters, and actually getting to play vs DT with his team live a bit, I think both our teams will struggle to make that 5th seed, the last seed to make the bracket without needing a play in game. DT, like me, went for love over cold hard tecmo steely intelligence. As I got some of my favorite players on my roster, DT has a lot of Seattle love on his squad too, and that might not necessarily be a great thing. Let's start off with the QB position. Mudbone! Dave Krieg, and Kelly Stouffer (pronounced like offer) are the QBs for Atlanta CFT 2. A healthy running attack in the SF RBs including Roger Craig, a couple of 44ms backups and Tommy Rathman are gonna cause some problems for teams. Krieg has Stephone Paige to loft bombs to as well. While there's potential for damage to be done, that's not necessarily an offense that is going to be prolific. You might see Roger Craig line up out wide. Or perhaps one of the 44ms backup RBs. On D, the Falcons have a stout DL featuring Michael Carter and Pierce Holt, as well as a HUGE disruptive force in Greg Lloyd, who not only will help on D, but also on special teams blocking some kicks. On the back end, more Seahawk love, in the form of Eugene, Nesby and company. Not necessarily a defense that scares you, especially some of these high end PC to REC combos we got. Thus I predict the struggles of this CFT 1 runner up. Bottom Line: This team will go as far as Mudbone to Stephone Paige will take them. Season 2 will be a grind. Season 1 started as a grind then finished with a major playoff push for Atlanta. DT would be fortunate if the same thing happened in season 2. Best Asset: Mudbone... Krieg's 69 PC can make even the ugliest starts to drives pay off in the end. Worst Liability: Mudbone... Krieg's combination of 25PS to 69PC will have balls actually landing on the receiver instead of being off and causing the JJ mechanics to initiate. With the 25ps, that will allow a lot of defenders to be there with the receivers when the moonballs finally land. 7. San Diego Chargers : Owner : @Polish Rifle - Polish Rifle is a tecmo vet who dabbled for a few seasons in HSTL and the CFT is lucky and glad to have him join in and participate with us. The Chargers selected QB Browns first overall. The weapons the Rifleman gave to Bernie K include the other Dick Dick, Richard Johnson the slow, as well as Robert Clark. To keep teams from picking pass all the time, Polish Rifle can play conditions with Blair Thomas and Johnny Hector. This team can move the ball, but often times it will be a grind. The offense is slightly better than Cleveland's OG Rom offense with a bit more speed at RB and more speed and rec at WR. The OL is top notch however, as the KC OL was selected to keep QB Browns and company clean. On D, I predict some Bad Things man... Bad Things... coming from the DL in the form of BRUUUUUCE Smith. The second level of LBs is a standout group as well, with Charles Haley able to threaten the dive plays from LB4 and the first Romo, Bill Romanowski adding some contain value to the run and kick block value to special teams. Matt Millen could also play a role in disrupting the opposing offenses, especially if his conditions remain above average for any extended period of time. Then there is the secondary. At the end of the draft, it became clear the Chargers would be hiring the likes of the worst secondary in the game. Those Indy DBs... Mike Prior is their best guy at DB3, with his 31rp and 38ms, 44 hp and 44int, that's not anything to get excited about. the other 3 DBs are worse... I think there's going to be some real struggles here, but QB Browns in Polish Rifle's hands should keep things interesting. Bottom Line : Like the Falcons, the Chargers will go as far as their QBs ability to shine will take them. QB Browns to Robert Clark can be deadly, but there's not a lot of speed on this offense. Best Asset: QB Browns Worst Liability: DBs from OG ROM Colts
  20. As per Tom's announcement the day before the hardcore tourney will be the players championship satellite. I'm offering a free entry into the players championship for the winner of this tourney. I need at least 10 people by 7pm at dmen tap. Tourney will be group format using player championship format. Tourney will be just group play of at least 10 players. I can do as many as 24 depending on equipment and time. This will be a nice trial run for the players championship specific matchup picking rules and the change in the use only once rule. Standard Madison rules for gameplay. Only those that sign up and play in hardcore tourney are eligible to play in the satellite and to receive the prize.
  21. allamerican1569

    Chicago, IL - 06/9/18 - Tecmo Super Bowl Hardcore Championship

    If you love playing in Tecmo Tournaments you are going to be enthralled about this announcement! With paid entry into the Hardcore Championship you have the opportunity to play in the Tecmo Players Championship Satellite Tournament on Friday 6/8 for FREE. Starts at 6pm sharp at DMen Tap. With at least 12 players, Mort is offering FREE entry into the Tecmo Players Championship occurring in Chicago on 9/22/18 for the winner of the tournament . With at least 12 players, I’m offering paid entry into Tundra Bowl 6 occurring in Green Bay, WI on 1/26/19 for 2nd Place of the TPC Satellite Tournament. If all 30 players get registered for the Tecmo Super Bowl Hardcore Championship before June 2nd, I’m also offering prizes for 3rd and 4th Place. 3rd Place will win paid entry into Tecmo Cleveland occurring on 8/4/18. 4th Place will win paid entry into Millard’s Mayhem occurring 8/4/18 in Minneapolis, MN. *Tournament paid entry prize offers are only eligible for the specific tournament won. If the player cannot make that specific tournament the offer is void. However, players that win these paid tournament offers can trade each other to get to a tournament that works out better for them.
  22. ~Tailback King~

    Seattle WA - 09/03/17 - Pimpin' Ain't Easley

    I don't know when or where.........................but @mort1237, your next.
  23. Middledoug

    HSTL Waiting List

    Discord: Middledoug Nickname (if applicable): Middledoug Email: douglasjsadler at gmail Availability: Weeknights, and most Weekends Can you host?: Yes List 4 Team Preferences: KC, RAI, CHI, CLE What's your location/timezone?: Eastern Why do you want to join HSTL?: I just played my first season online, and I want to get a lot more action in.
  24. oklahoma

    Realignemt Draft - post your picks here

    OAK is moving to NFC West
  25. stalltalk

    Realignemt Draft - post your picks here

    I'll take the Oil and Purplehaze
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