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  2. I'm sure I will find a way to screw this up!
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  4. RT @harrylylesjr: tfw your tweet finally sends after 92 years

  5. RT @ChrisBurke_SI: Tom Brady favored to win MVP this season, per @BovadaLV. Rodgers, Carr right behind him. Bortles, Dalton, Flacco, Wentz…

  6. #tbt One of my few @dantefowler photos that made it onto football cards.Would love to do more of this 📸🏈…

  7. @Chrisksaint I'm optimistic she'll definitely be in. I'm hoping Crazy Mary Dodson gets some shine. I'm actually mor…

  8. RT @teamnovonordisk: Support the @TT1foundation & #diabetes awareness, and ride the Rockies with @Haute_Route FOR FREE! 🚴🏔:…

  9. @TerryisBetter make me uncomfortable. My body is my body. I'm afriad to move her hand because I'm not sure what her reaction will be

  10. RT @NHLNetwork: Giveaway!! RETWEET us for the chance to take home this @penguins #StanleyCup Championship hat from @NHL_Shop!…

  11. Past his prime? For sure. But the Pats got a solid year out of Thomas, which is all they need out of Harris! Supppppeeeerrr Booooowwwwwwllll.
  12. @_MrAndersonCS well get me a m9 then we'll talk about it ily

  13. RT @davidaxelrod: .@POTUS calls Ds "obstructionist" for not working w/@GOP on health care-as if they had been invited to participate.

  14. RT @MacAffinity: Affinity Photo for iPad: the power of professional photo editing on iOS. Buy now with 30% discount (ends 29 June) https:/…

  15. @rafymahone

  16. @Glittertooth @lilgreymouse that's so cute!

  17. @teammothership you fucking suck.

  18. @SommerRayy a straight baddie 😍😜💦

  19. Is there going to be a live stream of the tournament? If so, provide link. I would like to follow some of the games this weekend.
  20. Ya sometimes its a chicken and egg thing. Does the qb runs more out of necessity because no one is open or the line blows. Or are they scrambling because they arent seeing the open wrs. Rypien was behind one of the all time great lines in this example and randles was historically bad.
  21. RT @fergoe: Remember: As bad as you think your favorite sports team is being run, they're not being run as badly as the Knicks are.

  22. @Zylria_ M.V.P. :D Totally need to do the DVa pose next time you selfie :D

  23. RT @FakeSportsCentr: Dwight Howard gets passed around the NBA more than a Kardashian.

  24. Ya falta menos¡¡

  25. @EricHaechrel @I_am_orange @espn Hope for another spanking

  26. been noticing (historically) that NFL QBs that I would consider as "running" QBs (meaning that they are elusive and can typically run for positive yardage) usually get sacked the most. for example, in 1990, the top 5 worst sack % QBs are: MAJK Man 10.8 Jefferson George (IND) 10.0 Skid-Marc Wilson (PATS) 9.9 QB EAGLES 9.5 Vinny Testesverdes 9.4 ..... then, with the best sack % is: The Mark Rypien Experience at 1.9
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