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  2. @JayTeeWoadie All the way to the final. He had them winning it all. I got them losing in the final.

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  4. @KaranEsch the real struggle happens when I run out of Budweisers!!!

  5. Before Gizmo, Winfield & Johnny Rodgers there was Larry Highbaugh All-Time great DB/Returner RIP Mr. Highbaugh #CFL https://t.co/FXiATXr0aT

  6. @Erakir what room are you in???

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  8. @cinemassacre I am extremely color blind so I'd like to cast my vote for Dark Green

  9. RT @kidsaliveokc: Enroll now for our summer music theater camp! https://t.co/Ji4NxZp46F via https://t.co/w9mwEF0RRC https://t.co/PbpETBnci8

  10. San Diego Chargers The Chargers went 6-10 in 1990 winning 6 games for the third year in a row. The next year in 1991 they would only win 4 games. Tecmo made the chargers a far better team than there record. Led by Marion Butte and Gill Byrd they are one of the most popular teams in live competition. Key Players (for entire roster go to tecmogeek.com/teams/chargers/) QB BJ Tolliver 81 ps 31 Pc QB Mark Vlassic 38 pc RB Marion Butts 63 ms Wr Anthony Miller 44 ms 69 Rec K John Carney 75 KA LB Leslie O’Neal 50 RP, 56 MS, 63 HP DB Sam Seale 44 RP 56 MS 50 INT DB Gill Byrd 50 RP 63 MS 69 INT Team strength Running, balanced defense with plenty of good drones. Team weaknesses bad Qb play, slow wr’s and the best player on defense in a hard to use position Best matchups. Vs Den, Minn, Det, Wash, Rams, TB Other possibilities Dal, Pitt, Mia, Cin Stretching it Rai, Watch the video below as we go further in depth on the Chargers. View the full article
  11. Los Angeles Raiders The Raiders went 12-4 in 1990 and 9-7 in 1991 l, making the playoffs each year. In Tecmo they are led by Bo Jackson. Bo certainly knows Tecmo with his 75 ms. The Raiders have plenty of speed, NFL hall of fame Marcus Allen is the teams backup running back. The Raiders are fast on offense and defense. Key Players (for entire roster go to tecmogeek.com/teams/raiders/) QB Jay Schroeder 69 ps 31 Pc QB Steve Beuerlein 38 pc RB Bo Jackson 75 ms 81 bc RB Marcus Allen 56 ms Wr Willie Gault 63 ms 56 REC Wr Tim Brown 56 ms 50 REC Wr Mervyn Fernandez 50 MS 63 REC Wr Sam Grady 63 ms 19 REC TE Ethan Horton 44 ms 50 hp 44 REC DL Greg Townsend 50 RP, 56 MS, 63 HP, 31 INT DL Howie Long 50 RP, 56 MS, 69 HP, 31 INT DB L. Washington 56 MS, 38 INT DB Terry McDaniel 56 MS 38 INT DB Eddie Anderson 50 RP, 63 MS, 50 INT Team strength Running, speed in the skill positions, best DL in Tecmo and good speed in defensive backfield. Team weaknesses bad Qb play, low int, slow lb’s. Best matchups. Vs Chi, KC, Cin, Mia, Phi Other possibilities Minn, Det, Hou, Wash, Rams, Sd Stretching it Buf, Pitt, Den Watch the video below as we go further in depth on the Raiders View the full article
  12. Unless you follow me on Twitter (@BaronVonLector) or Facebook (Facebook.com/BaronROMs), I've been somewhat silent regarding my new project. Using a hex-calculator that I wrote, I'm gutting Ken Griffey Jr.'s Winning Run for the SNES and creating Ken Griffey Jr.'s Winning Run 2016. Yes, it's a year behind, but there are two reasons for it: (1) Griffey was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2016, so 2016 is appropriate, and (2) I was eager to start this ROM and didn't want to wait until the start of the season to finalize rosters. All 30 MLB teams are included, including Arizona and Tampa (even though they are hidden/unlockable). I've been working on this project for approximately two weeks now, and as of writing this I have 24/30 teams complete (not including the team status screens). Unlike the original Ken Griffey Presents 2015 and 2016 ROMs, the All-Star teams and all ten participants in the Home Run Derby will be updated, as well. If all goes as planned (and I feel that it will), this will be the most complete baseball ROM update ever! This ROM features full-season stat-tracking for all teams and player trading which is something that was not present in the original version of Ken Griffey Presents. As a Yankee fan I am stoked at the idea of bringing Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain, and Chien-Ming Wang back to New York. To avoid congesting the forums with constant updates, follow me on Twitter and Facebook for up-to-date progress reports or sign up at Patreon.com/BaronGaming for beta access to the ROM as I work on it. Like all previous ROMs, I will upload the completed product to TB.org when it's complete.
  13. RT @edsbs: https://t.co/DSsgDUYpc8

  14. Don't throw the sweet potato fries in the trash. Just give em to me.

  15. @SuburbanSnaps https://t.co/X0Q40cNMl1

  16. Wow, @Pirates. Good job. 2 world titles since 06 and theirs is less than HALF the price of ours, and runs ALL SEASO… https://t.co/N4pBYghZ3m

  17. RT @ussoccer: Sooo can we borrow for Friday night, @USABaseball? https://t.co/mJ5M3ClWRY

  18. @henchman21 @plowmanV10 I like her in general but it's weird that they feel the need to shove her into every show just because.

  19. Eso de penalizar las celebraciones sigue siendo estúpido. https://t.co/WYfoTbTfzM

  20. RT @nickmon1112: Another "He Will Not Divide Us Season 4" art piece from the forums https://t.co/nlAnTqVMAn

  21. RT @WWEonESPN: Shane McMahon was honored to have his kids enter with him at Wrestlemania 32. His chat with @TheCoachESPN: https://t.co/hncu…

  22. Heh. https://t.co/Dm9PlhVa2H

  23. Hugh Laurie should write a cookbook and call it "House Made"

  24. @greggabe am I allowed to ask why? 😊

  25. @TrubaneVirgo @Bulls_Jay FIXED: The Hawks are awful.

  26. @ExtremeGamer @vudufans niiiice!

  27. 🌃ウォーキング約5kmの巻。花束を持って、写真を撮っている勤め人がいっぱい。お疲れ様でしたー。 #workout 🚶🚶💨

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