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  2. methinks it's MC Panther - sorry, I meant motor city kitties (sorry, Deion).
  3. 10.0 is up! - Set Command REMOVED : *Faster fumble recovery (Onside kicks were broken) - More uniform usage and color changes - More player rating adjustments ~Maverick209 - Players added : Chargers - C, spencer PULLEY Chargers - RG, forrest LAMP Raiders - RB4, jamize OLAWALE
  4. My desktop theme Find some more cool skins like this, See this list:
  5. 0% on Rotten Tomatoes. 8 out of 100 on Metacritic. Granted, somebody's gonna feel sorry for it and give it a positive review out of pity just like they did with Norm of the North. But at least Norm of the North was made by a nobody film studio. The Emoji movie is only the recent disastrous exorcise in cynicism and greed from Sony's film studios as a whole. The same studio that basically made Spectre the most expensive movie ever made, especially when you take Marketing costs into account, essentially forcing the studio to shoot for a billion dollars just to break even. Oh, wait! It couldn't even make that much money worldwide. The same studio that took the much beloved Ghostbusters property and politicized it, while simultaneously gunning for a cinematic universe that will probably never happen. The same studio that rebooted Spider-Man twice with hopes of making a cinematic universe entirely around him. And in spite the recent attempt making good money and getting good reviews, they're just going to cast it aside after another movie or two so they could reboot it AGAIN without Marvel Studios' help. The same studio that, in the same swath of emails that were leaked a couple years ago--emails that mentioned films like Annie, Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2, Pixels, and a few other notorious pieces of utter $#it, mentioned that Aloha! was the worst thing they ever did. The same studio that essentially unleashed Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen, Amy Schumer, and Will Ferrell upon the world. Good Lord, I need a drink! The same studio that after making two crappy Smurfs movies, decided to make an animated version more faithful to its source material, made no effort to market it, and essentially half-assed it in the writing department all in an effort to stick their noses up and declare, "See!? We listened to you, and look what happened!? F*** you! We're making movies our way!" The same studio that, even when they make a good movie from time to time--like with Zombieland or Baby Driver--they still feel compelled to shoehorn in as much product placements as humanly possible, especially their own products--because these people are a bunch of whores. The same studio that allowed Amy Pascal to run rampant to strong-arm various actors and filmmakers into praising Sony's films to the hilt under the threat of getting sued and blacklisted--just ask Monique, who refused to get into the political game along with the rest of Hollywood--while simultaneously hijacking the productions of other films to reflect her twisted feminazi views. The same studio that, instead of attempting to innovate and create new and unique properties, rips everybody else off to be derivative, while putting no effort whatsoever! Yeah, no wonder I am boycotting this studio's films in general. And the Emoji movie seems to be the epitome of everything that is wrong not just with Hollywood in general, but specifically of Sony's movie branch as a whole. Ever since they started attacking people and rallying the media to their cause in attacking and destroying anyone and anybody that dared say anything bad about their movie because their trailers were godawful pieces of $#it, including among other people, a man named James Rolfe (aka, the Angry Video Game Nerd), who made a YouTube video addressing why he was not going to see the latest Ghostbusters movie was because it looked awful. Keep in mind that the guy is not a professional film critic but an entertainer and filmmaker himself, and he was simply addressing the demand in a carefree and appropriate manner. And the media basically made him out to be worst than his AVGN counterpart and labeled him a sexist. With backing from Sony. I only broke the rule one time with Baby Driver, but even then, I used a free movie ticket that I got to see it, as the boycott is merely because I am waiting for this studio to burn to the ground someday. Not by a criminal arson, mind you, but rather by their own stockbrokers who are forced to foreclose the studio because their money was bursting into flames and the company is facing the threat of bankruptcy each and every day. Maybe unleash James Bond back in the private sector so that Disney may come in a swoop it up and start it over with a clean slate. And the fires that consume this studio may perhaps serve as a rebirth of the new era. Until then, enjoy watching this studio continue to self-destruct each and every week in such spectacular ways that it would make the Cleveland Browns look like the next great dynasty. To be fair, many of the NFL's greatest dynasties all came originally from some of the most abysmal of NFL franchises anyways, but I digress. This studio refuses to change their practices, even as they continue to blow up in their faces. Sony's films seem to exist for the sole purpose of meeting the bottom line, and yet they do not know how or care to learn how to market their films properly or to make good movies. The few good films they do make come from some highly respectable talents like Edgar Wright with Baby Driver, Woody Allen, or Quentin Tarantino with The Hateful Eight. Or out of derp releases like Zombieland or 22 Jump Street. And I haven't even gotten into the movie itself. That's because I'm not gonna watch it. I wouldn't even recommend it to your kids because it is as blatant as can be how bad it is. Heck, even corpses and blades of grass would hate it. The only thing that I could possibly recommend the Emoji movie would probably be if you have a pig pen, because pigs love to gobble down on dem $#itty movies! Now if you'll excuse me, I have to watch Peyton Manning's Super Bowl LI party.
  6. Also. Confirmed. Quoting a JR Smith DM does work.

  7. Just seen 6 magpies for the first time ever... that's... um... GOLD!


  9. RT @meakoopa: mcconnell hasn't been this sad since his brothers kicked him out of their sewer lair for trying to put an ailing master splin…

  10. @bombsfall scott go on chapo

  11. @Dutchman84 @PantherLair Then how bad is Penn State? 😳

  12. @bully7070 @dawgsmack I've hear and read rumbling about that. That's a really interesting question about how they'll prepare for that.

  13. @CroixAlmer wow it's like im there

  14. RT @SenWarren: This @SenateGOP bill they’re voting on tonight kills a part of the ACA key to keeping insurance affordable for everyone.

  15. might wanna check out the 2 new "LEGEND" vids I found^^^ (Cards & Jets) Even the great Walter Payton never had a 90 yard run... (and don't worry Buck, I got the times written down so you can see the glimpses of greatness without havin' to watch the whole vid...just for u )
  16. My man!!!
  17. you missed the one team I thought people might miss, in the NFC. good job though. what you got right: AFC - check buf mia cin hou rai kc NFC gia phi was chi 49er you can guess again if you want. need one NFC team.
  18. RT @Stuttsy: Please share, we JUST got the ok to release this info!

  19. Not sure about the last NFC/AFC teams in. NFC NYG (fell off a cliff not long after) CHI (see above) SF (duh) PHI (next season was the randall injury but the ultimate D performance) WAS (next season one of the most dominant ever) MIN? ( I know they were good at some point but this might bee too soon, other choices would be ATL(deion,Rison NO(dome patrol) ) AFC BUF (duh) HOU (duh) KC (duh) MIA (duh) CIN? (they were still pretty good but perhaps pit beat them out) LAR? ( I know Denver was in the mix often)
  20. I liked a @YouTube video Carlos Hakas From L.A. Caught On Video Overturning A Food Vendor's Cart

  21. RT @TT1foundation: TT1-Microsoft won #Hackathon today out of 4000 projects @Microsoft masterminds enable #diabetesWhat'sPossible project #w…

  22. This is because of the No Sprite Flicker SET command added in the TSB Tool. It stops the flickering that we saw while playing this game before. What you need to do is open up some of the options on your emulator, and find 'no sprite limit' or 'no limit sprites' and enable it. It's usually in graphics, machine, emulator.. depending on what emulator you're using.
  23. I miss 2007 bruh 😔

  24. Two nights of the rawk show in the beginning of OCT. #DBT. #dancebandoftheresistance

  25. I wonder what is causing players to disappear near the hash marks and yard numbers? SBlueman's latest rom has this as well.
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