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  2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers HSTL S42 Recaps

    The hype men kicked off their seasons and after the Bucs went up 14-0 Bo and the Rams answered back with a late 2nd quarter touchdown pass to Willie Gault on an LT blitz. After the half it was all Bucs mostly controlling the LOS. Krieg didn't look good, when receivers were open he'd overthrow, and when covered they were right on the money. No picks, no cc's, no jj's from either side. I won the tap battles early which helped me gain a lead and put him in a more predictable play-calling situation while holding Bo to 80 yards. GG Drizzy.
  3. Thunderdome X: Bounty Details!

    Dam so much pressure.. gonna be so hard but im ready! Great vids and im gonna pick my underdog of the event thats gonna go far, give me randywags and as for my favorite bru
  4. What up, Grip? Nice to hear from you. Hope all is well.
  5. Thunderdome X: Bounty Details!

    Most satisfying moment when i was creating these was I really wanted "Dont Hassle the Hoff" quote to open at Hoff's intro. i spent ALOT of time scouring through David Hasselhoff videos to find one. Theres tons of videos out there, all cheesy as fuck. After numerous tries i get to the last 5 seconds of the one video when he utters those magical words and i screamed in excitement on my commute home almost nailing the car in front of me on the freeway. I risked my life for you guys.. never forget.
  6. Thunderdome X: Bounty Details!

    For those that didnt watch or plan to watch the videos, i put up the 14 bounties into the first post as an image.
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  8. Thunderdome X: Bounty Details!

    Thanks. Pretty much, it was all about the music. I wanted the music to work with the player so you would pretty much know who it was....and these were the best of the bunch. So many more deserved to be on there, i just couldnt find something that would catch. My favorite ones that i wanted for sure no matter what 1) rockman with vader breathing, 2) hoff with knight rider 3) rico 4) bru's hacker 5) toolie/odell kumite from bloodsport and 6) happy gilmore tappy. I liked how gats turned out best since i had to take an ali clip and fit with the goat song. It was fun to do and based on your PM's and messages i'm glad you guys enjoyed it. Appreciate it.
  9. HSTL Housekeeping Items

    yeah that @ hstl stuff is annoying.. its like u got games put their tag.. dont be lazy..
  10. First, I want to thank all of those who voted in the two polls I had posted. I'm going to use my commish powers and keep Round 0 implemented. If anyone is passionate enough to have it removed, I'll put it up for a vote again. Secondly, we are going to go with the same draft format in S43 since that vote was a lot closer. However, I'm open to making modifications to accommodate those who feel strongly about hating it. Before I make changes, I'm going to see how this season plays out a bit. Thirdly, I'm relatively annoyed with the incessant use of the league tag. I'm going to give the habitual abusers until a week from today to reign it in. If I see the league tag used in a manner I find incredibly annoying, I'm going to disable it and only make it usable by me. Lastly, thank you all for making HSTL the best league in Online Tecmo.
  11. Thunderdome X: Bounty Details!

    Great work on the vids, very entertaining. It almost had a NCAA basketball tournament selection show type feel to it. Thought I'd see a few other elite players with bounties.
  12. Thunderdome X: Bounty Details!

    $5 bounty if you can figure out which hack the set commands in the bounty video belong too in 24hrs. Send me your guess via PM here or on discord.. If there are multiple correct submissions, one winner will be picked at random. YOU ONLY GET 1 GUESS at this massive wealth changing prize.
  13. Thunderdome X: Bounty Details!

    Honored to be included in the bounty!! Excellent excellent work sir.
  14. Portland, OR - 12/09/17 - J.J.'s Birden

    yeah man, stop internet stalking hot chick bands for 4 minutes and post some details!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. RT @chisolm_john: ATTENTION: Egg Bowl Twitter...or not. https://t.co/Pj9WuyctL7

  16. Thunderdome X: Bounty Details!

    3rd post updated with Part 2.
  17. RT @jennifersterger: My God.. this is savage. 😭 https://t.co/QSuvriZEKn

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  19. Random Thoughts

    Sounds about right. Comes down to which shit sandwich we prefer and whether you believe in individual responsibilities or entitlements. MGK I think you hit the nail right on the head and Buck, you're right. Trump threatens the status quo which is exactly why voters are turning on the "never Trump" republicans. They're basically Democrats. Or maybe we should have a different name for the establishment cocksuckers ruining our country economically and socially. I picture them something like this....
  20. (NES) Goji's Tecmo Super Bowl NFL 2018 (Week 12 Version 1.0)

    Week 12 (Version 1.0) - More accurate depth charts (11/21/17) - Player rating and depth chart adjustments - Players added : Bills - WR, brandon TATE, TE, charles CLAY, LB, ramon HUMBER Dolphins - WR, rashawn SCOTT, LB, chase ALLEN Jets - LB, josh MARTIN Browns - WR, corey COLEMAN, DE, carl NASSIB Steelers - T, chris HUBBARD Texans - RB, jordan TODMAN, DT, brandon DUNN Redskins - RB, leshun DANIELS, TE, jeremy SPRINKLE, C, chase ROULLIER, DE, m. IOANNIDIS Giants - RB, shane SMITH Eagles - LB, joe WALKER Bears - LB, sam ACHO, K, cairo SANTOS Packers - WR, trevor DAVIS Buccaneers - RB, j. RODGERS Saints - RB, zach LINE, DE, t. HENDRICKSON Panthers - RB, alex ARMAH, TE, greg OLSEN Seahawks - DE, frank CLARK, S, b. MCDOUGALD Cardinals - RB, d.j. FOSTER
  21. Random Thoughts

    democrats bailed out the banks, majority of obamas cabinet was picked by Citibank before he was even elected. Hillary is in with the banks, too. Yeah we're fucked either way. it's all the same. I think that's why there is such an uproar over trump, he is kind of an outsider.
  22. WEEK 12 Pluckem

    Thursday, 11/23 12:30pmE.T. Minnesota @ Detroit 4:30pmE.T. LAChargers @ Dallas 8:30pmE.T. NYGiants @ Washington -------------------------------------------- Sunday, 11/26 1:00pmE.T. Cleveland @ Cincinnati Carolina @ NYJets Tennessee @ Indianapolis Tampa Bay @ Atlanta Miami @ New England Chicago @ Philadelphia Buffalo @ Kansas City 4:05pmE.T. Seattle @ San Francisco 4:25pmE.T. Denver @ Oakland New Orleans @ LARams Jacksonville @ Arizona 8:30pmE.T. Green Bay @ Pittsburgh -------------------------------------------- Monday, 11/27 8:30pmE.T. Houston @ Baltimore
  23. Random Thoughts

    Another stab at killing Net Neutrality. If I absorb what the current Republican administration and branch majority intimates with their various proposals, including drafted tax reform: Democrats get hounded by right-wingers for wanting government to control our lives. Republicans "less government is more government" credo exists to supplant regulation power from elected officials (who can be voted out), and put it squarely into the pocket of big business/the rich (who answer to their shareholders' insatiable requirement for continued added profits). Am I missing something? So, we either get f*cked by Democrats who get bought out by the political leanings of their corporate sponsors, or we get f*cked by Republicans who give all of that regulation power to their corporation constituents, where we get f*cked by big business itself, as allowed by the Republican gate keepers. Democrats look good when they regulate the big bad corporations from f*cking the majority of us as a PR masqurade. Republicans look good by scaling down government reach, lightening regulations, and then acting as a kind of theatrical sheriff when they hold the corporations "accountable" as a PR masquerade. Basically, what I'm getting at, is the majority of Americans--one way or the other--are f*cked no matter what. No matter who leads our government.
  24. Random Thoughts

    I'm pretty sure the Pats D would have stuffed Marshawn Lynch on consecutive plays in the Super Bowl a few years ago. Russell Wilson is just a good teammate and saved him the embarassment.
  25. We are at 56 which 14 groups of 4. I will be locking up sign ups at this point.
  26. Discord handle: Dueceloose Est Can host (barely) Best time: message me, i'll let u kno
  27. WEEK 12 Pluckem

    Thursday, 11/23 12:30pmE.T. Minnesota @ Detroit - I want to have hope for the Lions but let's be real...Keenum has been eating his Wheaties recently. 4:30pmE.T. LAChargers @ Dallas - Interesting turn that the Cowboys have on schedule...starting here they can make a very good playoff run. 8:30pmE.T. NYGiants @ Washington - The Giants are just AWFUL. Period. End of statement. Their offense has scored a combined 25 points in their wins (they had to be spotted 10 points to beat Denver!) -------------------------------------------- Sunday, 11/26 1:00pmE.T. Cleveland @ Cincinnati - I really can't think of a reason to pick the Browns. Carolina @ NYJets Tennessee @ Indianapolis Tampa Bay @ Atlanta - Falcons are going to pull a Falcons in this one. Just like they did against Seattle on MNF. But Tampa is so undisciplined, I feel like Atlanta will still pull this one out. Miami @ New England - Dolphins lose Ray Maualuga (because he got into a fight at a nightclub over his bar tab) and....really I can't name another defensive starter besides Suh. Spells trouble going up against the defending champs. Chicago @ Philadelphia - The Bears are pretty lousy too. Buffalo @ Kansas City - The Bills defense is pretty scrappy but not knowing who's starting at QB is a MAJOR issue. In 30 mins of football Pederman already has more INTs than some QBs in the league. 4:05pmE.T. Seattle @ San Francisco 4:25pmE.T. Denver @ Oakland - I get it...last time I picked Denver I was TERRIBLY wrong, Beast Mode is playing in his hometown in front of thousands of fans...and I'm STILL picking my boys! #BroncoUp! New Orleans @ LARams - I had trouble with this pick, but I think the loss to the Vikings brought the Rams back down to Earth. Jacksonville @ Arizona 8:30pmE.T. Green Bay @ Pittsburgh -------------------------------------------- Monday, 11/27 8:30pmE.T. Houston @ Baltimore - Tom Savage? Eh, sticking with Baltimore here.
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