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Testing out loading conditions into the game without nestopia state file

Posted by bruddog in Rom Development/Hacking News, 14 January 2013 · 525 views
hack, program, state, netplay and 1 more...

Today I tested making all my players excellent in the second quarter. I was able to effectively "LOAD" excellent conditions into the game. There are many ways manipulating game memory that is mostly static could be used.1. Have conditions carry over from game to game by having a program read in the current condition file on both sides so as not to desynch...


How do I play TSB online PVP?

Posted by davefmurray in TecmoBowl.org Site Blog, in How To 07 October 2012 · 1,389 views
online play, ROMs, PVP, How-To

How do I play TSB online PVP? What should I expect?
Gameplay at or almost at console quality speeds. Depending on your connection, you might notice a hiccup every now and then where the game skips or slows down for a brief moment. I've see this happen with crappy wireless cards, running bandwidth sucking apps like bit-torrent or downloading large files while playing, or just...


Week 2, 1977

Posted by Indigo in Alternate History Tampa Bay, 02 September 2013 · 300 views

Tampa Bay scored its first return touchdown, on a long kickoff return by Johnny McKay to start the game hosting the Minnesota Vikings. Before the first minute had even ticked off the clock, the defending Super Bowl champions were leading 7-0.

On the ensuing drive, Minnesota called the same play action pass three times in a row, each time ending in a sack...


From: What is the future of TecmoBowl.org?

Posted by Knobbe in TecmoBowl.org Site Blog, 24 January 2013 · 420 views

Source: What is the future of TecmoBowl.org? Thanks to MGK for helping to form a path of improvement.Just curious if there might be more feedback.All the items in #1 are organizational items.  They are a matter of time and a matter of when they will be solved.All the items in #2 are technology driven and may or may not be solved.Item #3 can be seen as an...



Posted by zanebellar in Roster edit, 26 December 2012 · 408 views

Anyone have any roster editors? I've been wanting to put Babin on the jags.


Saints and Oilers, What Gives?

Posted by slim_jimmy7 in Tecmo's Morning After, 17 December 2012 · 597 views
Tecmo Super Bowl

I am a 27 year old Tecmo Super Bowl fanatic, but am unique in the fact that I seem to be one of the few guys in this forum who rarely played NES Tecmo Super Bowl.  I really caught on to Tecmo Super Bowl in it's twilight/downturn when Tecmo Super Bowl 1 for SNES and Genesis came out.  That 2 year stretch (because our local video rental store didn't...


new jersey tecmo tournament

Posted by stuball44 in stuball44's New jersey tournament , 13 November 2012 · 247 views

Yo fellas.... (excuse me if there are any ladies on the forum)

Just joined the site after discovering... it is glorious indeed. I am in Jersey and looking to get a tournament going maybe in Jersey City or nearby. Just across the river from Manhattan. I have a bunch of guys who will play but looking to open it up to 48 or more.

Any help on how to post this...



Posted by Jim Socks 13 in Play TSB online with a Mac?, 01 November 2012 · 227 views

I've been trying every way to play Tecmo Super Bowl online with my Macbook. Can't figure it out, I heard you can use Bootcamp or something but must have a purchased version of Windows. Is there any other way?

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