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Tecmo Super Bowl 1985 -- QB Vikings NES

Other Games 03 Sep 2015
I BEAT THE 85 BEARS.    LONG LIVE THE PACK.   (rom link)   I love the 'drifting grapple' affect on this rom. When a pair of opponents grapple, they will sometimes slide one direction or the other depending on who's 'winning' the battle. This is especially cool if a ball-c...
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Non-plain text Hex-editing

ROM Editing Discussion 03 Sep 2015
I've recently gotten my feet wet using FCEUX's Hex-editor to modify some things within a ROM that aren't handled with a ROM editor.  Right now, I can edit text within a ROM if it shows up as simple plain text within the ROM (example:  Tecmo football and basketball games).    U...
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Labels for cartridges?

Off-Topic 03 Sep 2015
Just wondering if anybody knows any good sites for custom labels for NES game cartridges?   Have been getting a couple game ROM's on cartridges and would like to do better than permanent markers and don't really have the time to be doing them myself (and they never seen to look as good)...
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(NES) Tecmo Convergence 2.0

Download Support 02 Sep 2015
  File Name: Tecmo Convergence 2.0File Submitter: Baron von LectorFile Submitted: 02 Sep 2015File Category: Misc ROMs  This ROM is a NES-exclusive and is an upgrade to the previous SNES/NES Tecmo Convergence that I release a month or so ago. When we last left the battle, in the yea...
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Live Broadcast of the Iowa Tomczak Bowl

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Ustream of the event - http://www.ustream.t...sherwood-forest
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