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Server IP list 8/28/15

Online Leagues Lounge Yesterday, 07:32 PM
Sort through these for yourself! GL.     http://kaillera.com/...g=1&version=0.9       http://www.kaillera....server_list.php   Good IP's:
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Off-Topic Yesterday, 07:13 PM
  "I could F***ing buy you."   What person with a soul or conscience says that to another human being? I mean, that guy was trying to be like the poor woman who gave a penny from the Bible, and the majority of people told him to f*** off. It's so sad. At least the lady and the bald guy...
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RIP Darryl Dawkins

Off-Topic 27 Aug 2015
Died of a heart attack today at age 58.  RIP.  
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Woodstock, GA - 09/03/15 - Tecmo Bowl Tournament MMXV

Live Tournaments 27 Aug 2015
Sign up here: https://www.facebook...43678252608200/   Are you ready for some Tecmo? Join us on September the 3rd for the kickoff event of the Max Games Tournament Room, a Tecmo Bowl meet to mark the ages! Do you have what it takes to reach the Super Bowl?   Max Video Games & M...
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Field grass color request/help

ROM Editing Discussion 26 Aug 2015
I am in the process of editing my second ever ROM( the first was a simple edit of schedules and stats) , this time I'm done with the stats and most of the graphic changes. I'm happy thus far... except one thing. I would like to do weather... none of the hacks I've seen work properly with the base...
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Release: Tecmo Super Bowl 2012

Latest update here

** Download Tecmo Super Bowl 2012 **

Happy 20th birthday, Tecmo Super Bowl!

What's changed

  • All 32 teams

  • Current day rosters (sorry David Garrard)

  • Passing Accuracy now does something (this means original game John Elway realllllly sucked)

  • Updated Graphics

  • Ability to change the quarter length

Did you know it's been 20 years since the release of the the original Tecmo Super Bowl?  We did!

We hope you enjoy this updated version of the game.  You'll notice some new faces, some new teams, and a brand new look.  You'll also notice that to celebrate we modeled a lot of guys after some of the Tecmo Greats out there.  Here is an easy one given they play(ed) the same position on the same team: Ndamukong Suh is Jerry Ball!  However, if you're going to Nose Tackle Dive, just make sure you don't do it against us.

If you don't agree with the way we've rated some players, and obviously you won't, you have two options.

  1. Sign up in the forums and drop some knowledge in the thread.  Most likely we're not going to tweak too much but at some point we probably will make some changes.

  2. Check back sometime in the near future when we teach you how to change all those players on your own.  Terrorize the defense with you at running back....or Tecmo Bo.

Also, we'll probably have quite a few more roms released towards the end of the week with some pretty mind blowing hacks.  Long Live Tecmo.


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