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What: Tecmo X: The Gannonball RunWhen: March 8, 2014. Registration will take place between 9:00 and 9:30 am.Where: Badger Bowl, 506 East Badger Road, Madison, WI 53713Maximum Field Size: 256Tournament Website: http://tecmomadison.comEntry Fee: $40. Inc...
We have the highlights and the full version of our annual simulation. Hopefully the actual game is half as good.
MARCH:2. Jstout makes it so the computer QB will try to throw to an open receiver rather than relying only on the random chances set in the play design http://tecmobowl.org...-open-receiver/JUNE:3. My hack allows for seperate pass block and run block s...
Makes you think every play should be set to Tecmo Music

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FF4 stepcounting%, gathering data for RNG manip
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